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Easy ways to stop wasting food

One of the most contrasting features we get to see in the world is a person who literally struggles in order to get one good meal a day, and another person who has all the wealth and resources to spend and buy any food that he likes at any given time of the day. People who have no dearth of money do not value food and tend to take food much more than their body requirement.

over consumption of food

Consequently, huge amount of food is wasted everyday, and discarded. Another form of food wastage is the over consumption of food by people. Such people should take into consideration the lives of people who fail to get even the basic meals a day. Food wastage has to stop so that the not so blessed people can also have their share without much struggle.

In order to stop food wastage at your home, you can follow the following tips that are quite easy and extremely effective.


Plan for perishables

More than half of the food wastage at home results due to the late use of perishable products. Perishable foods like bread, meat, dairy products, and cut fruit tend to rot if you do not consume them on time, so make sure you buy food products strictly in accordance with your requirement.

There is no point to stock food items unnecessarily, as later on it goes waste. You need to plan your meals on a weekly basis, check the ingredients stored in your fridge and kitchen, and then go out to purchase new ones. Do not just buy food products because there is some offer on it; buy only if you actually need it.

storage system

Use a good storage system

In some homes, the level of food wastage is too high because their fridge is not powerful enough to keep the stored food good for long. Make sure your refrigerator is in a good working condition. It should maintain required temperature that keeps the stored food fresh and gives it longevity. Do not overfill your fridge, as this lowers down its efficiency.


Use everything

Using leftovers is a perfect way to save food wastage at home. If there is some cooked vegetable in your fridge, make patties and have them in your breakfast. If there are cut fruits you do not want to have, then use them in a smoothie. You can use raw vegetables that have been there in your fridge for quite a while in a vegetable soup. This way you can use all the leftovers, which will not only prevent food wastage but will also help you save money.

kid eating

Take smaller portions at mealtime

When we are too hungry, or when all the dishes are of our choice, we tend to overeat. Especially children tend to take much more in their plates than the portion that they actually eat. This practice causes too much of food wastage.

It is better that you take food in small quantities and refill your plate when the food is over, rather than filling your plate to the brim and ending up wasting a lot of food. Never let your kids serve themselves, as they have no judgment as to how much food they should take and later on it all goes waste.

kitchen composter

Compost your leftovers

You just cannot prevent some amount of food wastage at home but you can always bring that food wastage into use. You can use fruit and vegetable waste, the peels, to make valuable fertilizer. You can buy a kitchen composter and collect a good amount of fertilizer that later you can use for the homegrown plants.


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