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Supermodel party for tween girls

You must be having a hard time deciding a nice theme for your darling daughter’s birthday. You tend to face problems like having no new ideas, good ideas already used up, will your daughter like the theme, will her friends appreciate out of the box thinking, etc. But there is one foolproof theme which will never fail. Every girl likes to be in spotlight and your little daughter and her friends are no different. You can organise a supermodel party for her birthday, in which everyone will get a chance to walk the red carpet, pose and get clicked and be a superstar for that day. It will cultivate a feeling of confidence in girls and cooperate by helping each other while choosing dresses, accessories, makeup,etc. So start preparing for best supermodel party and keep in mind to keep it glamorous. Here are some tips that will help you while orgainising the party.

1. Pre-Party Preparations

You have decided the party theme. But how will you bring it all together? You can invite your daughter’s friend at your place and hand over a ‘must have’ list or ‘things required’ list. This meeting will help them in making decisions and share ideas with each other. You can inform them that every girl have to carry pair of dress, some accessories with them so that they can have loads of fun at the party.

2. Making a nice ramp for ramp-walk

Don’t neglect the ramp as it is the most important in your theme. You can buy a nice 30 feet red carpet, so that the girls can have fun dancing on the red carpet and get clicked on it. You can get it easily from a discount store. You can create one outside the house if the weather is fine or have an indoor show; the girls will love it anyway.

3. Have one Master of Ceremonies

You can ask your partner or a willing friend to help you in the party and be Master of Ceremonies. While your partner assists the event you can go ahead and snap some memorable events. Cover a round hair brush with foil to give it a microphone look. You can also have a script ready for your Master of Ceremonies, like they may describe each girl with her good looks, intelligence, etc.and make her feel like a star.

4. Dressing room for the stars

See that you have a well equipped dressing room for the girls, where they can change, freshen up before they hit the ramp. You can provide them with small hand held mirrors, makeup, clips, combs,etc.

5. Food and drinks and music

Having a nice event isn’t enough for these young stars. You have to be sure that there is plenty of good food and drinks available for everyone. You can have some nice plastic champagne glasses and fill them up with nice sparkling soda and their favorite pizza to eat. Also have a nice collection of songs and music to play at the event. You can take help of the birthday girl in this matter, in-case you are not well-versed with the latest music.

6. It’s Showtime

Once the girls are all ready for the event, play loud music so that the audience will know that the show is about to start. Line up the girls and let the girls start coming in as the Master of Ceremonies introduces each girl one by one. Every single girl will just love to pose and sway in front of the camera. Let each girl pose for a photo or a couple of them at the end of their walk. The Master of Ceremonies can call a wrap once the show ends and you can have the film develop by giving it at a nearby studio, while the girls feast on cake, drinks and pizza. Till the girls are enjoying the party you will have the snaps ready.

7. Framing the photos

Once the photos are returned to you from the studio you can start preparing nice photo frames for them. You can do it yourself along with someone to help you or you can let the girls enjoy making the frames. You will require cardboard picture frame, colored buttons, beads, glitter, sequins, and glue. You have to just start decorating the frame with sparkles, beads, glitter,etc. Once it is done, put the pictures in the frame and let each girl choose the picture she wants to take home as a memory of the glamorous night. They will just love to have them and it also serves as a wonderful return gift.

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