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10 Fun ways to pass time with toddlers

Kids are like butterflies as they cannot stick to one place. They are always curious about their surroundings and want to explore things that excite them. Nobody likes to wait and the same goes with the kids. Your waiting time can be a real struggle, if you have a kid along. It is very difficult for the kids, especially toddlers or preschoolers, to be patient and quiet while waiting. At such times, even you do not want your little angel to be filled with tears and be sad. Then what to do? By just following some useful fun tips you can make your toddler happy, which will make your waiting time filled with fun and interest. The following fun tips will turn your dead time into fun time.

1. Be patient

Nobody likes to wait but waiting is a part of life. You can use this time to teach your child. Do not get irritated at the child, rather, try to teach him things he is interested in. You can play quiz and help him with questions like what does A stands for, or tell him how to count, or point at different things and ask him what they are. You need to understand that anybody would get bored while waiting and you need to deal with that with a lot of patience.

2. Keep toys at hand

It’s always a good idea to put some interesting toys in your purse when you just might have to wait for a certain thing and your baby feels bored and needs to be occupied. Always go for small, playful toys like toy cars, Mc Donald happy meal toys, small dolls etc. Anything small that is your child’s favorite and he loves to play with, can be a good companion for the long waiting periods.

3. Read out stories

Always carry some good books with large and colorful pictures to attract and engage the kid. They can make the long wait bearable for you and your kid. If you are standing in a queue or sitting while waiting, you can read out a story to your kid or tell him to read the book with beautiful pictures. This is a great time pass for those nothing-to-do moments.

4. Always carry some healthy snacks

It’s a great idea to carry some yummy snacks in your purse at all times. If you need to wait in a restaurant and the food has not been served yet, the snacks can keep him busy and fulfill his hunger. Always keep in mind that the snacks should be healthy otherwise your child would get into a bad habit of bulging on unhealthy snacks. Always look for healthy treats and that too in moderation.

5. Carry a coloring kit

Another excellent idea is to slip some crayons and blank sheets in your purse so whenever your child feels bored, you can take them out and help your child to draw something or just let them test their own creativity. Children love to play with colors and papers; and this would help them being creative.

6. Start talking

If you do not have any toys to keep your child busy or he has become bored of the existing items, you can start a conversation ; like if you are at a doctor’s clinic or in a restaurant, you can ask about various things like what does he like, what is on the wall, what all are his favorites, what would he like to eat etc. Children love to talk and this idea is a sure shot success.

7. Be ready to be a guide

Children are always curious about their surroundings and have a lot of questions to ask. Always encourage your child to ask questions which would increase his knowledge. Wherever you are waiting, explain to your child what place is it, what are its specialties, why have you gone there etc.

8. Play a game

Anything that interests a child can be game. You can try to play ‘I spy’ or ‘who am I.’ You can simply describe a famous character from one of his favorite book or movie and ask him who is it. Or else you can also carry stickers and tell your child to stick them on the notebook.

9. Songs to pass the time

Kids are very fond of singing and dancing. You should always carry their favorite CDs in your car so that if you are waiting in your car, you can play some of his favorite tracks and tell him to sing along. He would love that.

10. Puppet show time

You can make puppets with old, orphan socks by stitching buttons as their eyes and using felt pen to draw other features. Carrying this in your purse take it out during waiting and tell him a story using that puppet. Children always want to have more of it.

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