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5 Things about bathing your baby

Baby bathing know-how is very important for the mother. She should know the correct requirements and methods of giving bath. Once a mother gets a complete hang of this activity, she and the baby both can enjoy it. Baby will gradually start to love the water, the accessories, your touch and warmth. You can give your baby a bath everyday or twice a day, this all depends on the time and the weather. Look at the following 5 things to keep the bath-time safe and fun.

1. Bath tubs, mats and bath towels

Get a good baby bath tub. Ensure that your baby can sit properly and comfortably. Bath tubs are available in all baby corner shops and they come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Go for a bath tub with backrests and headrests for extra safety and comfort. Check the texture of the tub. It should be smooth enough for the baby to sit. A bath mat prevents slipping. If you have twins go for extra long ones to give bath to two at a time. Get some soft baby bath towels with hoods. They keep your baby’s head warm and are handy when your baby comes out of bath

2. Bath toys

Get some good bath toys, water proof color books, rubber duck, plastic balls to keep your baby involved and amused.

3. Toiletries

Newborn babies can be bathed in plain water. Sometimes you can use some toiletries like baby soap and shampoo to clean the baby’s body and hair. Go for a mild baby shampoo and soap that will not aggravate your baby’s eyes. After bath, use moistened cotton balls to clean your baby’s eyes, ears, nose, fingers and toes. If the weather is cold the body gets dried after bath. Use some baby lotion after the bath. Use talcum powder after your baby’s skin dries completely. Make sure your baby doesn’t inhale the powder.

4. Safety

Never leave your baby alone while giving bath. Remember that a baby can drown even in few inches of water. Do not answer any phone call or door bells. If you want something, ask for help. If you are alone and you would have to leave the room, wrap your baby in a towel and take him along with you. Always remember “safety first”.

5. Avoid using any antiseptics/disinfectants

In some homes, it‘s a common practice to use liquid antiseptic/ disinfectant in the bath water. It’s better to avoid this practice as it may lead to allergic reactions. Instead use soap or cleanser designed especially for babies which will protect their skin.

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