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Most Stylish and Sustainable Fabrics You Can Opt For

Stylish and Sustainable Fabrics You Can Opt For

As more and more individuals are becoming increasingly health conscious and environmental friendly, we look at a few green clothing choices that are redefining the clothing industry. If you also are thinking about going green, here are some greener, healthier alternatives to petroleum and chemical based clothing fabrics.

Go Green with Bamboo

Of course, we all know that bamboo is commonly used for floorings. However, the most recent trend floating around in the fashion industry happens to be fabrics made of this extremely resilient material. The built in temperature control properties of the fabric make it a great choice for both hot and cold climates. Bamboo has natural wicking properties that provide the necessary cooling your body requires during hot days, while the cross sectional fibers of bamboo trap warm air and keep you warm during cold days. Bamboo clothing can surprisingly be very soft and silky to the touchy, while being odor free, making it the best choice for exercise apparel. It is also extremely durable, which makes your clothes look brand new even after years. The best part is that bamboo is environmental friendly. The bamboo plant matures only after two years, thus replenishing itself in a very short span of time.

Organic Cotton is better than standard Cotton

Many consider cotton to be the most sustainable fiber available. It is true to an extent. While natural cotton is environmental friendly, it is exposed to toxins and chemicals during farming and manufacturing, thus making it as bad as other synthetic fabrics. If you really want to make a difference, opt for organic cotton (aka cotton) that is produced via organic means without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Organic cotton is produced through traditional farming, thus avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. So look for organically produced cotton when hunting for cotton clothing.

Eco-Friendly Silk is still around

Dating back to nearly 6000 B.C., silk has long been considered as the fabric of royals, adorning the wardrobes of many kings and queens in those days. Of course, the fabric has become more accessible to the public today, and is considered one of the most eco friendly clothing you can opt for. In addition to being extremely soft and silky to the touch, silk adds more luster and fiber to your clothing by refracting the light that falls on it. An eco-friendly decision would see you opting for silk fabric that is cultivated from Bombyx morik silkworms, which are preserved during harvesting.

Hemp Not an Oxymoron anymore

Hemp dates back even further than silk (around 8000 B.C.) and is today considered as the most eco friendly clothing fabric you can opt for. In addition to needing very little water, hemp does not need additional fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to grow. The clothing made out of hemp is soft, cool, durable, strong and wrinkle resistant. So if you are intent on doing your bit to protect the planet, start with hemp clothing.

Soy Fabrics work externally too

Most of us know about the health benefits of adding a little soy to our meals every day. Well, here is a revelation. Now you can wear clothes made of soy as well. The best thing about soy fabric is that it is derived as the byproduct of soy food production, which means you are fully utilizing the renewable resources of the soy plant. Called “vegetable cashmere,” soy clothing is extremely soft, comfortable and luxurious to the touch. It is also very easy to care for, thereby making it one of the best choices for those who want hassle free, eco-friendly fabrics.


With many individuals around the world deciding to go green, we decided to bring up a few environmental friendly clothing choices they can opt for. These fabrics are easily renewable and manufactured with little harm done to the environment. In addition, they do pack a punch when it comes to offering the same comfort and style as clothing made of synthetic fabrics.

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