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How to be an Active Player in Thwarting Global Warming

be an Active Player in Thwarting Global Warming

Although there is outcry about global warming and measures to thwart, not much is being done when it comes to implementing these measures. As responsible citizens, we must take the responsibility and become a part of the drive looking to provide a solution to global warming. If you are wondering how it is possible, take the example of California that experienced an acute energy crisis back in 2000-2001. The state experienced massive blackouts and skyrocketing energy costs that year. While the locals blamed the government for under investing in new power plants, the reason for these blackouts happened to be a game played by the energy providers to increase energy costs in the state, as was discovered years later. However, these hindrances fail to let the Californians down, as they devised a crash energy efficient program that enabled the state to consume the lowest per capita energy in the country to this day.

How they achieved this? Simple, all the residents of California had to do was replace standard light bulbs in the household with compact fluorescent light bulbs (over 8 million light bulbs were replaced by these CFLs), replace standard traffic lights using incandescent lamps with light emitting diodes, and replacing old motors in factories with new, more efficient ones. The program was a huge success and was able to end the state’s energy crisis once and for all. And all it took was an initiative by residents of the state, who instead of relying on the government to end their energy woes decided to take the charge and hunt for a solution.

We are not saying that you should not abide by the government rules; we reiterate the fact that there are simpler, more practical ways in which you can reduce energy consumption in your household. Accordingly, here are some ways in which you can also become a part of the solution for global warming.

Get a Home Energy Audit

Opt for a home energy audit to find out exactly how much energy you are currently consuming. In addition to government agencies that do these audits, you can find plenty of energy audit tools online at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Getting the audit would enable you to calculate where you can cut down power usage and contribute to reducing green house gas emissions while saving money in the process.

Opt for Energy Efficient Appliances

Always try to look for the energy stars on appliances that indicate how energy efficient the appliances are. Some governments give tax rebates for these energy efficient appliances as well. Devices like non-polluting leaf blowers and mowers can play a significant role in getting the job done without harming the environment. Replacing your standard light bulbs with energy efficient CFLs would also help reduce energy costs and the load on the environment in the process.

Opt for Public Transportation

We understand the need for you to drive a car when traveling long distance. However, if you are visiting a nearby area, consider opting for public transportation. This would reduce the carbon footprint caused by fuel emissions to a great extent. If you are about to buy a car, opt for a hybrid model which would both be fuel efficient and produce much cleaner emissions than traditional fuel driven cars.

Spread the Word

It is not enough that you adopt a greener lifestyle. You can encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to follow the same approaches to help reduce global warming. Ask them to take energy audits and use more energy efficient appliances. Talk with local government agencies and hold town council meetings to discuss about global warming and the simple ways to reduce it. The more you talk about being energy efficient, the more people would come forward to help reduce global warming on a large scale.


Simply talking about global warming and the measures to reduce it are not enough. One would need to follow these measures and do his/her part to address the issue.

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