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Stylish bowl sinks to class-up your bathroom

A bathroom is the most personal space for an individual and there is no doubt about it. Since we spend several hours inside a bathroom every week, it ought to have stylish and appealing interiors and accessories. A sink bowl plays an important role in giving your bathroom the look it deserves.

Mizu basin

This would be a simple white china bowl in your bathroom, but will not fail to grab attention. The sink bowl is modish and sober. The line partitioning it from the center is where the water would run in. By manipulating the drain hole, Emo design has made the bowl quite artistic.

I Bordi Basin

Onyx as we know is a beautiful silicate mineral found in nature. The uniqueness of the I Bordi washbasin is the appealing onyx material that was used to create it. The bowl has perfect curves that intensify its beauty. Carlo Colombo, a well-known designer, designed the I Bordi for the Italian firm Teuco.

Elliptical white basin

The shape of this gracious white sink bowl reminds me of a spaceship, an inverted spaceship in fact. The bowl has smooth curves and elliptical shape from the top. Jessie Verdonschot and Seb Ackerstaff designed this bowl with an internal siphon.

Wooden bowl sink

Not only this one cuts the monotony, the aesthetic appeal of a wooden bowl sink is great. It blends in a traditional as well as a modern set up. ‘Slow Wood’ designed a wooden sink from larch wood, which was crafted by hand. The wooden bowl features a rough periphery and charismatic wooden grains. The combination of wood and water gives a natural sense of appeal.

Inbilico sink

No boring sink bowl can match the chic design of the Inbilico bathroom sink. On the first sight, the bowl appears to have been positioned incorrectly. This is the beauty of the non-conventional design this sink bowl bears. Designer Andrea Leoni, created this piece to cut the monotony and make the bowl interesting.

Cellule washbasin

Designer Daniele Lago thought of giving more utility to the sink bowl in the bathroom. He added towel holders and colorful trays to the round bowl. There is no need to fix acrylic shelves on the wall with this washbasin.

All the washbasins in the list are chic and feature an admirable design. A bathtub, shower, the tiles and a washbasin highlight the beauty of a bathroom. By incorporating a stylish washbasin you can enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom.


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