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Common products that pose a health risk

We have become so much used to all the stuff offered by the modern consumer oriented market that we fail to ever analyze whether the products are using are actually good for our health or not. The market is flooded with all kinds of packed foods, cosmetics, toiletries and daily use items that we take for granted. We know that not all of them are health for us.

However, have you ever thought that some of these products could be dangerous to the health of your kids and other members of the family? Many of them contain poisonous substances that could do unimagined damage to our body. Here let us have a look at some of the products that can be harmful for our health.



The PVC plastic is so toxic that many European Union countries have banned its use. The use of phthalates in the manufacturing process of the plastic has in particular come under scanner, as it can cause the hormonal disruption in the human body. However, the plastic is used in variety of home products like wall covering, flooring, toys, tarpaulins, ceiling tiles, shower curtains, car interiors, and storage containers. Sometime even food products come packed in plastic containers.

Baby wipes


Some baby wipes contain a compound Bronopol that substitutes alcohol as an anti microbial agent. Bronopol releases low levels of formaldehydes, which is a volatile organic compound. The effects of Bronopol on the body of an infant can range from irritation in the eyes and headache to dizziness. Further, it is supposed to have cancerous properties in the human body. Phthalate is another chemicals used in the manufacturing of the baby wipes. Fragrances manufactured from undisclosed chemicals can cause skin problems in toddlers.

Non-stick cookware


Did you ever give a thought to the fact that from which material is your cookware coated? One important ingredient in the manufacture of non-stick coating is Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOC. It is an organic polluter and is related to fluoropolymer fever or Teflon flu in human beings.

Oil based paints and finishes


Oil based paints contain a large number of toxic chemicals and carcinogenic components. You can imagine the amount of poison you are painting onto you walls in the name of beautifying them. Therefore, instead of the oil paints, you must go for water based paints and other natural alternatives for painting your home.

Artificial aromatics


You will be shocked if you ever get to know the process behind the making of various aromatics like room refreshing sprays, perfumes, deodorants, aromatic candles and incense sticks that we use to keep our environment and out bodies fresh. Most of the artificial aromatics are made of natural oils, but that cost very high. For general use, all these good smelling things are laden with aromatic chemicals that have poisonous effect on the body of the user.

Canned foods

Many canned foods contain Bisphenol-A, a carbon-based synthetic compound used in the lining of food cans by the manufacturers. BPA is associated with early puberty, obesity, heart diseases, cancer and depression in young girls.



A variety of toiletries like soaps, toothpaste, mouthwash and deodorants contain Triclosan that we can associate with the development of drug-resistant bacteria. It also affects our immune system, making us more susceptible to allergies. Therefore, one must only buy Triclosan free products for toilets.

Many modern home products contain harmful chemicals that can affect our body adversely in the long run. Therefore, you must check the ingredients used in a manufacturing process before buying a product for your home.


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