Styling your denim skirts for that fashionably awesome look

Who said denim skirts do not have a shelf life after your high school days? Recent fashion trends have started adopting this wardrobe staple in several new casual and sophisticated styles. So rummage in your closet to get that old denim skirt or dress that you have not worn for quite some time now. Check out these celebrity inspired styling tips to see how you can pair the skirt/up with other wardrobe elements to create a unique look your friends will absolutely go gaga over.

Wear it short and trimmed

A beautiful female woman in a blue top and denim skirt

If you have a knee length denim skirt, consider trimming it a few inches higher. The result will be an absolutely adorable mini denim skirt that can be worn with anything from a casual T. shirt and a scrunched up shirt to even a leather jacket. Don’t believe us? Check out the casual denim skirt styles showcases by Dakota Fanning on the streets of Manhattan as well as the sophisticated look pulled off by Emmanuelle Chriqui at the movie premier of ‘Inglorious Bastards’.

Choose a Maxi Denim Skirt albeit with a little edgy spin to it

bare legs of girl in short jeans skirt, isolated on white

Tired or wearing that old maxi denim skirt over and over again? Give an edgy twist to it by slitting the front all the way to the thighs and get some buttons attached to the front. You can now pair this classic and yet extremely chic street style denim skirt with a casual top to create a one of a kind look that achieves the perfect balance between a hassle free, frumpy and yet edgy style.

Get a Midi-length Denim

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If you don’t like it too short or too long, you can opt for something in between with the midi-length denim skirt. This stylish addition to your wardrobe can be paired with almost anything from casual tops to even woolen sweaters. Accessorize it with ankle boots and probably a leather jacket, and you have a look that is sure to make heads turns wherever you go.

Choose a flirty style over a plain Jane look

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Take a cue from Jamie King and choose a denim skirt that comes with a flirty style rather than having the same old look every other girl out there would wearing. Jamie chose a rather striking and flouncy button denim skirt which she paired with a subtle print blouse. The outfit brings back the school girl charm while still retaining a quintessential charm and elegance.

Choose Multi-Colored over Monotone

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Why choose a denim in a single color when you can follow fashion blogger Ella Catliff’s tips and opt for a multi-hued denim skirt? Breaking tradition, the skirt plays with your mind with its multi-wash panels. You can pair it up with a bow blouse or any other casual top, making sure you opt for subtle colors to give more attention to the skirt. Accessorizing with a long overcoat or perhaps sheer tights will complete the effortless, and yet striking look.

Get a Denim Dress

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How about going for an entire denim dress? This would be a great addition to your wardrobe, especially during the transitional months between winter and summer when the air is still a bit cold outside. Take a cue from fashion blogger Sarah Mikaela and accessorize an otherwise simple denim dress with leather ankle boots and a classic leather jacket, making sure you use pops of color here and there to create a visual interest in the ensemble.

Go for the All Denim look

Young russian fashion model

Trust Rihanna to teach us a thing or two about carrying off the denim look to perfection. The singer was recently spotted in an ‘all denim’ aka a ‘denim-on-denim’ look that featured a sexy tight fitting denim skirt paired by a loose fitting denim blouse with buttons down the front. Rihanna completed the look with classic pumps, thus giving us a look to talk about for ages.

Now is the perfect time to hunt out that denim skirt from your school days. From pairing it with colorful tops for a causal or sophisticated look t accessorizing it right, here are the top celebrity inspired tips that will help you rock the denim skirt and dress look to perfection this spring.


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