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People who went too far with their hobbies and created obsessions


Accidental habits become obsession some times and some people can’t just get rid of them.

Triana Lavey

Image Source : AbcNews.Com

She loves to get her ‘selfies’ perfect and can take drastic measures to get a picture-perfect. Hailing from Los Angeles, Triana spent $15,000 on plastic surgery, which involved fat grafting, chin implant and shaping the nose. All because the editing on her pictures did not satisfy her, she even used Botox for her new look.

Luis Squarisi

The small town of Batatais in Brazil has become famous for Luis Squarisi’s obsession. After the death of his father died in 1983 something, changed in Luis and he started attending each and every funeral in Batatais, and the practice has continued for the last three decades. Every day Squarisi calls hospitals and funeral homes to know about whether someone had died and also listens to the radio to get the news of any deceased. By now, people have become used to his addition and are expecting him in a funeral in town.

Barry Levinson

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Seeing his love for mustard, even his wife thinks that he is crazy and needs therapy to come out of the obsession. Barry starts his morning with mustard by brushing his teeth with it and shaving with the yellow condiment. Levinson has a collection of more than 5,500 samples, in the museum he runs in Middleton, known as the National Mustard Museum. About 25 years ago, he used to work as a lawyer for Wisconsin State and once he heard voices in a super market coming from the mustard section, asking him to collect them. He quit his job and never looked back.

Lori Broady

Image Source : NetStorage.Discovery.Com

You may be unable to sleep with a continuous noise in the vicinity, but Lori Broady has mastered the art. In order to sleep she needs a working hair dryer near her, the obsession developed in her younger years. There were ten children in their family, and to get rid of their blasting sounds she kept the hair dryer running next to her so that she could sleep. The habit turned into a compulsion and until it continues to be like that.

Julia Caples

Image Source : Api.Ning.Com

She is a little modest from the characters of the ‘Twilight Saga’; she only drinks two liters of human blood in a month. Julia has confessed to the act of relishing human blood since her teenage and now the mother of two is addicted to the habit for more than three decades.

People who are crazy for their obsession find a different kind of satisfaction in pursuing their weird acts.


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