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Style points you can learn from expecting celebs

Motherhood tends to push us back a bit on our fashion sense. During this period, our wardrobe undergoes a radical transformation, with comfort replacing style to a great extent. Sadly, most of us tend to retain this wardrobe even after pregnancy. Accordingly, here are some common mom style problems one tends to face post pregnancy. This is followed by some really style tips from celebrity moms on how to flaunt fashionable attire effortlessly even after pregnancy.

Common Style Problems faced by New Moms

Maternity Wardrobe

Most women tend to become very comfortable in their maternity clothes that they want to continue wearing them even after the baby is born. Sweatpants replace skinny jeans. Loose, baggy T. shirts replace stylish tops. And sneakers replace sandals. Walk into any home that has a new mother in it and this is probably the sight that will greet you.

The same low raise jeans

New moms tend to mistake that once the baby is born, they can go back to wearing their low raise denims immediately. The human body will take its own time to transition back into its pre-pregnancy shape. Hence, wearing those low raise denims will only lead to a bulging belly in the front and more than visible panty in the back.

Wearing Sneakers and Flip Flops

The sneakers and flip flops used during pregnancy need to be shown the door immediately afterwards. They may be ultra- comfortable. But they are definitely not the right choice for date nights and formal parties.

Wearing a messy bun

The quintessential messy bun becomes a style staple post pregnancy. There’s no time to do your hair so you simply opt for the easiest alternative, tying it into a tight bun at the top of your head.

Using a dorky diaper bag

New moms tend to think that any bag would suffice as a diaper bag. A dorky looking bag would however, ruin an otherwise beautiful outfit.

Celebrity Style Tips for New Moms

Now that you know the common style mistakes new moms make, take a look at some celebrity mom style tips to escape these loopholes.

The Jean and T. Shirt Look

Wear high raise jeans and T. Shirts that are not too baggy. A cap can help hide messy hair while a leatherjacket, patterned belt and strappy heels can transform the outfit completely. You can also opt for a pair of patterned pants to make an otherwise dull T. Shirt look great for walks with your baby. Ditch the sneakers though and get a pair of sandals.

The Head to Toe Black Look

Black is great at camouflaging the extra flabby area on your body post pregnancy. Simply cover up your T. Shirt or top with a duster length black coat and team it up with black tights or stockings to look slim instantly.

The Scarf Look

A lot of celebrities use scarves to make drab outfits look real classy. Choose a colorful, patterned scarf that would effectively divert the attention to the top of your body. The scarf would also help you hide a post-pregnancy bulge effortlessly.

The Maxi Look     

Moms love their maxis. The only wear to enjoy its comfort and still look fashionable enough is to opt for patterned maxis and team them up with accessories like a colorful necklace and a denim jacket.

The Sleek Ponytail and Bun Look

Find no time to take care of your tresses? Then ditch the messy bun and go for sleek ponytails. The bun you have come to love so much can also be done artfully to look more stylish then tacky.

The High Heel Look

Image Source : SodaHead.Com

There is always a way you can still opt for heels when carrying around your baby. The trick here is to opt for low heels that is high enough to look fashionable, and yet low enough to give you comfort and balance as you carry other accessories like the diaper bag and of course, your baby.

Just because you are a new mother, there’s no need to opt for a drab wardrobe. Using simple tips and tricks followed by famous celebrities, you can ensure that your post-pregnancy wardrobe is as chic as your pre-pregnancy ones.


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