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Stunning and weird traditions attached to weddings in different corners of the world

<![CDATA[Marriage is one thing that is common in all religions, countries, what differs are the way, the rituals, and traditions people follow during a wedding. Be it a wedding from any region or religion and culture, all perform certain wedding rituals. Let us be honest that some of the wedding rituals are fine and we all find them logical and valid but some are downright weird and terrifying. Read further to find such strange wedding rituals and think as to how they came into existence:

Spitting on the Bride

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This sounds so strange, let alone actually doing it. People of Massai Nation, Kenya follow this super weird wedding tradition. They shave the bride’s head and afterwards apply lamb fat and oil on it, then the bride’s father comes and spits on her head and breast. Many of us consider spitting as a sign of disgrace but for this tribe in Kenya, spitting brings good fortune and turns away all evil. While leaving her home, the bride does not look back for they fear turning into a stone statue.

Blackening the bride wedding ritual

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One of the very gross, strange, and common Scottish wedding rituals is to blacken the bride. Some crazy friends of the bride take her by surprise and cover her up with all the dirty things ranging from dirt, rotten fruits, spoilt milk and eggs, to feathers and what not. On top of all this, they take black tar and pour it over her to blacken her. Scottish people believe that if some bride happens to take all the dirt and filth on her during this ritual then she can take all the problems and difficulties married life and would emerge as a winner.

Kill poor chick to save date

A tribe called the Daur living in the Chinese Inner Mongolia follows a cruel wedding tradition wherein they kill a baby chick to finalize a wedding date. After killing, they dissect the chick and inspect its liver, if the liver looks fine they can set the date, if not then they will continue killing innocent chicks until they get the one with a nice looking liver.

The human rug

After the wedding reception, people of the Maruesas Islands of French Polynesia lay face down and bride and groom walk over them as if they are walking over some kind of rug.]]>


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