Clip-on belly button rings to love and fall for

There is no dearth of fashion styles and trends but we do not follow all, as we happen to fall for them and fear them altogether. For instance, the naval piercing is a trend for which many people have a penchant but fail to get it done because they fear bearing the pain. Such people keep adoring the naval piercings of others but almost never manage to collect some strength to get a piercing on their own belly button. Well, if you are also someone who goes through the same experience and frustration mentioned above then you are going to super love this article, as here we have brought for you a superb list of some clip-on naval rings that would allow you to flaunt your passion without least of pain.

The Music Note

music naval ring

If you are a singer, a guitarist, or even if you just love music like anybody else, then this particular naval clip-on is certainly for you. Imagine yourself giving a rock performance on the stage while this elegant music naval ring dangling down your belly button, awesome, isn’t it?

The Louis Vuitton craze

The Louis Vuitton craze

Women and girls are so crazy for the LV logo that they can be seen adorned with handbags, accessories, clothes, shoes, and now with the naval rings with the LV logo as well. Satisfy your LV desire with this stunning piece of belly button ring.

Flaunt your baby bump

a baby on board

These days the clip-on belly button trend is on the upsurge, and out of the many types the pregnancy rings are gaining too much of popularity. Pregnant women wearing clip-ons on their naval look super cute and it adds charisma to their baby bump. They come in various markings including “a baby on board”, “it’s a boy”, “it’s a girl” and many others depicting small cute baby feet and more.

Show some love to your best friend

“best friend”

Best friends are the buddies who be with you through your bad times and are your partner in crime. Show them some love and appreciation, make them feel good and they will make you feel good in return with this best friend clip-on naval ring. It comes in a set, as the words “best friend” is on a heart shaped thing with a crack in between. You hang one part on your naval and give the other to your best friend that she will hang on her naval.

A rose ring for rose lovers

rose clip-on belly button rings

All flowers are beautiful but rose has something extraordinary to it, which is why it tops the favorite list of flowers of many people. If you also love roses for their extraordinary beauty then make these rose clip-on belly button rings a part of your fashion. It is a cute naval ring with a stud on top and a clasp, which makes it more beautiful and unique.

Bow Ring

silver ring with a bow hanging

It is a plain silver ring with a bow hanging, and a white pearl at the end. It is one elegant piece that can adorn your naval in a sophisticated way.

The lucky clover clip-on

lucky clover clip-on

A stainless steel belly button has a lucky accent, as it contains a lucky clover pattern on it. The dangler is clover shaped and is all filled with white shimmering crystals. It looks amazing hanging down from the belly button.

A perfect combination of a ring and dangler

ring and dangler belly button 2

The fuchsia colored ring that clips on to the naval, and rhodium plated chain like danglers, which hang down from the belly button. The dangling silver colored chain beads look stunning coming down from a fuchsia colored ring.


Clip-on belly button rings allow you to flaunt your naval piercing without any pain, and they look stunning while hanging down from your naval.


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