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Steps to maintain tween safety online

It is becoming hard for parents to keep their children safe from the cyber world. Its like putting them in a Pandora box. The online communities are great place to have fun and enjoy. One can build up all their talents; let it be writing, art, music even in spreading friendship in every nook and corner on earth. Its a wide world worthy, wit full and wild. Parents and kids should be very much aware in taking internet safety precaution.

Not My Preteen

In this fast generation, children grasp faster than parents do. So better supervision and good computer knowledge is impeccable as a parent. Part of the reason is kids are more computer savvy than many parents. Parents, relatively few have used the interactive applications like blogs and instant messages. Parents need to be more savvy about computers. The wrong part is they think they are smarter than their kids.

Preteens are too smart or sneaky a they are irresistible to know and explore more. They try to outshine parents. They have a better hand on systems. Most popular online communities have minimum age requirements for young people but there is no way to verify the age of a member. So majority sign up as above 18 years to get full access over the site. Though the Parents think kid can’t escape their Eagle eye, the child finds all the way around like operating from different location like schools or private Internet cafes other than their PC.

Steps to Safety

Chasing kids around is virtually impossible. Parents can be vigilant and keep an eye on the kids when ever they are online. All you have to do is:

1. Educate yourself

Study all the basics like surfing a site and signing up for a social network or a blog. Update with the latest applications and sites as the communication becomes easier. Mention about the flaws and plus so they easily get to go with their parents’ thinking.

2. Educate your child

Parents can warn their children on the problems that can happen while opening up with someone strange, yet these rules aren’t shatter proof when a child takes on into cyberspace. The best option is to set a full Parental control Internet Security system. This can give the parents the complete detail the preteens are to. Parents have to rein check thoroughly on what their kids up to.

Surveys say that many accept friend requests just judging their online status put in the community sites that rare can be true and ends up in complicated relationships.

3. Know what your child is doing

Keep in mind to place the computer in a common area, or restrict the online time. Never place the computer in bedrooms as the risk is greater to get into nasty mischief. There are websites that shows parents how to manage their computer’s cookies, read and record the history of sites visited and gives links to security sites. Be alert and its always better to stay aware to help the tween in consequences for parents needs to have a good hand on all the applications and of course the system.

Quick safe steps

1. Parents can click on the tools. Take the Internet Options and Choose the Security Tab. Click on the Restricted Sites, and add on the URLs that should be restricted.

2. Parents can quote example to their tween on the real incidents that take place day to day due the ignorance of cyber-world and make them realize the donts in a friendly talk. LIke telling them never to post their real name, address or personal information on the Web.

3. Restrict posts and picture to public viewing.

4. Analyze each person carefully before adding to the friend list. They are criminals who promise gifts and even money in return for personal data and photos.

5. Never judge a person in the first few chats, they may come out to be gigantic frauds.

Adolescents need their privacy. So, its better that Parents don’t restrict them. Children like to blow the wind out online they open up their feelings to friends. They love to spend a lot of time exploring and being on their own.Try to be honest and tell your kids that you are always there by their side when they need help. And let them know that wrong deeds that can bring danger can be punished. Show them the wonderful thing in the cyber world, that can add on to their knowledge and studies. The best part is being a well educated parent and updating yourself.

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