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Starting to Learn Biking Can Now Be Fun with the Leg&Go Bike

LegGo Bikes LLC has come up with an innovative and marvelous bike concept for youngsters. Projected on the Kickstarter platform, this unique eight-in-one concept is suitable for children ages 8 months to 6 years. It is called the Leg&Go Bike, which is absolutely safe for the use of children. Let us see what else this creative concept bike brings forth to you.

Design and Appearance

The Leg&Go Bike has a stylish, waterproof design that can be quite appealing to children. It is not only elegant in looks, but is also safe for kids who need to own, control and balance their first bike. While this bike offers security to children, it also ensures the safety of the environment. It has an eco-friendly, Birch plywood-frame design that comes with an ability to accommodate eight modifications.

Starting from a baby bike and rocking elephant to a balance bike or comfort bike, Leg&Go can be molded into just any style and be given any available height. In fact, it can also be made a pedal bike, tricycle, downhill bike, and polar bike with its removable and adjustable parts. There are fine screws and holes at set positions that can help you alter its seat, steering, and frame. Thus, you can have a wide range of options to customize this bike per your kid’s riding or steering requirements.


If you are looking forward to let your kid learn and start biking, then nothing can be better than this awesome-looking Leg&Go Bike. It has well-styled features that make it comfortable for children to ride. Whether you want to teach pedaling to your kids or want them to learn smooth biking on bumpy surfaces, Leg&Go Bike can train them for all with its natural suspension. Even a year-old child can enjoy the comfort of riding on this rocking elephant or baby bike. Your child can really become independent with this amazing customizable bike.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSNbReoTElw?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

Performance and Ease of Use

This portable bike simply weighs 3.5 Kg that allows you to carry it anywhere in a bag. Whether your kid wants to bike on a downhill or by a beach, Leg&Go Bike can be easily set up and used at all places. You will find that it does not shake significantly on terribly rough surfaces too. Thus, it is a great design of a bike that can be steered and balanced nicely. It performs quite precisely when it comes to steering control with variable limits. The bike’s braking system is also efficient. Overall, it is a high-quality concept bike that can be soon be seen to turn into a reality.

Leg&Go Bike is a non-toxic, green bike that can take eight fun forms for young kids of varied ages. The concept is quite effective with the high level of product quality and efficiency.

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