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Six things to learn from the sexiest man of Hollywood

<![CDATA[There are some people who set the standards and their compassion make them everyone’s favorite. Brad Pitt is one such person who is not only a star on screen but in real life too. Everything about him seems miraculous and inspiring.

The hard worker


Brad Pitt, 50 is learning an Israeli self-defence called Krav Maga and he is actually doing it for his upcoming film “By the sea.” Brad is practicing this intense military style almost 45 minutes every day and he has already started getting result as well. He has lost 10 pounds in just three weeks and in superb shape. Brad never leaves a single stone unturned to give his best to each role he plays on screen. No wonder he looks awesome on screen since he follows a strict diet routine and works hard in gym to stay in shape. This star gives all he has to his work.

A Loving father


The on screen tough guy actually loves his kids dearly and loves spending time with them. Since wife Angeline Jolie and all his kids are fluent in French, Brad has started learning French too. He does not want to feel left out when everyone in the family is using this second language. Brad desperately wants to be a part of the kids talk at home and is ready to push limits for that. (Image)

His unfussy Lifestyle


Brad follows a simple lifestyle. He is someone who is always trying to be in limelight. The biggest example of his simplicity is the way he got married with his long time love Angelina Jolie. The couple had an intimate family affair without making it sound like a big deal. All the children were present to attend the marriage function and the couple intentionally kept it family affair.

The style icon

The two-time winner of People’s Sexiest Man Alive title is a youth icon even at the age of 50. The style comes natural to him. With the charming face and a physique like that, he really does not need to work harder on his look. Brad has been photographed on countless fashion magazines and he repeatedly keeps reinventing the style.

A Good Human Being


He is an active social worker and is involved in social issues not only in America but also all over the world. He put in all his efforts to provide affordable housing on a very large scale to the victims of Hurricane Katrina disasters. Brad along with wife Angelina visited Pakistan to see the impact of Kashmir earthquake. In 2006, the couple donated around $8 million to charity. The couple’s contribution to uplift the level of deprived part of the society has inspired many others to take part in the mission. (Image)

Long-lasting partnership

Brad with wife Angelina has set a standard of a long lasting partnership. Their love has always been the best example of the mutual trust and respect for one another. Without these ingredients, any association or relationship cannot survive for a very long time. The couple has six kids, they have faced several problems, but they have stuck together all these years loving each other even more.]]>

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