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Six sculpture artists who amazed the world with a pioneering art form

<![CDATA[Creativity has no boundaries. People all over the world keep surprising others with their different way of looking at the world. Some artists have developed such art forms that not only leave you speechless, but also go beyond simple imagination.

Nylon sculptures (Rosa Verloop)


Dutch artist Rosa Verloop has formed a strange way to showcase her artistic skills. By folding and squeezing stockings in an appropriate manner, Rosa gives them the shape of human face. Who could really think of using stockings and drawing pins in a creative way to form the shape of human faces? Her art depicts the story between birth and death, the reality between life and death, which is far beyond our control. Now, this is creative in real sense. (Source)

Only Nails, Always different (John Bisbee)

An art professor by profession, John Bisbee is from Brunswick, Maine. Bisbee makes sculptures using nails. His sculptures are unimaginable and seem extraordinary to look at. Bisbee’s art got him a place in American Craft’s Material Crush that featured 30 artists who use unusual mediums to create attractive sculptures. (Source)

Driftwood Sculptures (Heather Jansch)


The sculptures by Heather Jansch look appealing, attractive, lifelike, and weird too. Heather Jansch is a driftwood artist who has a passion to create beautiful sculptures. He has made almost a hundred wooden horses, and a few other animal sculptures. To have a firm grip and stable stance, these structures are given metal frames and steel wires. Most of Heather’s horses are five and half feet tall. They look lifelike as if the real horses have taken some other form. (Source)

Sculpture made of branches and twigs (Philip Haas)


Philip Haas, a sculpture artist used bark, twigs, branches, fungi and moss to make a giant human face. It is almost 5-meter high fiberglass sculpture that Philip calls winter, as it is an imitation of Arcimboldo’s 1563 painting “Winter.”  The expressions of the face could melt anyone’s heart easily; this strange artwork came out as one of the best works of 2010. Philip not only has an excellent taste in sculpture art but he has made a few feature films too. His film “Angles and Insects” was nominated for the Oscar award. (Source)

Figurative willow branch sculpture (Olga Ziemska)

It happens only when sometimes riding a fast car we come across certain trees or branches that start forming a shape that disappears in less than a minute. Olga went a step further, cutting willow branches and stacking them to turn them into human shape. Olga Ziemska is a Cleveland based artist who made “stillness in motion” sculpture, which was installed at the centre of Polish Sculptures in Oronska, Poland. (Source)

Coat hanger crucifix sculpture (David Mach)


David March is a world-renowned artist who has a different level of creative ideas to give expression to his thoughts. David’s’ sculptures depict life in an altogether different form. Making sculptures and that too using hundreds of coat hangers sounds astonishing. On the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible in 2011, David’s huge sculpture depicting crucifixion of Christ was displayed outside a church. (Source)]]>

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