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How to Plan an Outdoor Living Room

Sometimes outdoor living space can be more relaxing than indoor space. If you have extra space outside the home, consider investing in an outdoor living room that would create the perfect ambiance for family gatherings and other special events. All it would take is some time and effort on your part, along with some expert outdoor living room design tips that we have mentioned hereunder.

Plan according to Budget

Plan your budget first. This would help you choose and design your outdoor living space accordingly. You can design the space in many ways without exceeding the budget. However, if you have set your eyes on something extravagant, you can possibly work on the project in different stages until you complete it. For instance, you can start with the landscaping and then move to the patio, lighting and furniture arrangements one by one in order to avoid overshooting the budget.

Consider the Size of the Space

The design you choose for your outdoor living space would need to match the size of the area. So measure the space beforehand. Also, make it a point to check the layout of the outdoor space, so that you will have a better idea of the items you can place and the items that you cannot accommodate in your outdoor living space, when choosing a specific design for the same.

Consider the Exact View you want

The outdoor living space you design should offer a good view. There is no point in having an outdoor living space if all it does is face a blank wall. Try placing the living room in an area that offers a nice view of the surroundings. For instance, your outdoor living room may face the neighboring park, lake, hills or even a simple flowerbed. This would make the space more relaxed and entertaining for guests.

Complement the Home Décor

Your outdoor living room is very much a part of your home as well. So make sure you choose a design that complements the rest of the home’s architectural design, landscape and décor instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. For instance, if your home is decorated with a country based theme, choosing a modernistic outdoor living room would not look very appealing. So ensure that your choose an outdoor living room design that looks like an integral part of your home even though it is located outside.

Choose Correct Furnishings

As you would be placing the outdoor living room furniture outside the main area; hence, you need to choose furniture that is strong, resilient to damage, durable and resistant to changing weather conditions. Materials like wicker and rattan are friendly with all the seasons and remain damage free for years to come. Also, ensure that the color you choose for the furnishings complements the rest of the indoor and outdoor home décor.

Consider Privacy

Although an outdoor living room is located outside the house, it does not mean it has to be visible to anyone and everyone outside. In spite of being located outside, the living room should still have its share of privacy from peeping toms and casual passersby. You can achieve this privacy by either planting some tall wedges or erecting a fence around the place. Other alternate and less costly options include screen walls and decorative stones that can add more beauty to the area in addition to offering it just the right amount of privacy to make guests feel comfortable.

Consider Protection

What good is an outdoor living room if you cannot sit in it and enjoy the weather? So make sure you plan an appropriate shelter to protect the area from rain, heat and wind. Placing gazebos, umbrellas, pergolas and awnings near the furnishings can help you achieve this. These would help your guests relax without worrying about getting wet or sun burnt.


Here are some of the popular design tips you can opt for when designing an outdoor living room for your home. You can either follow these tips or take them as inspiration to come up with your own unique design ideas to create a truly inspirational outdoor living room for your loved ones.


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