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Simple yet effective ways to save energy at home

<![CDATA[Everything one does at home, right from keeping rooms warm during winter to taking a shower, needs energy. This is an era where energy is of utmost necessity for maintaining one’s lifestyle and this goes much beyond the basics to provide convenience and comfort. Using energy within limits is a wise idea, as each time you lowers your utility bills; you can save more money in your bank account. Lower energy bills signify less energy consumption, meaning the release of less harmful emissions into the environment.


Why save energy?

Saving energy ensures myriad benefits. Some of the noteworthy advantages include:

  • Improves the economy
  • Augments quality of life
  • Improves national security
  • Supports cleaner environment
  • Drives innovation
  • Drives productivity
  • Saves businesses and consumers money


Easy and simple ways to save energy at home

Following are a few easy and simple ways to save energy at home.

  • You should keep all the curtains and shades on windows open all through the day to let sunshine enter the home.
  • Avoid heating water via electricity; rather use solar units, as these are environment-friendly and easy on the pocket as well. The best part is it can be installed on the rooftop to compliment the architecture of your home.
  • One of the great energy saving ideas at home is by keeping the refrigerator clean, as a clean fridge consumes less energy and functions more effectively. Thus, to save energy it is imperative to clean the fridge periodically. Moreover, a fridge that is empty generally consumes more energy compared to a full refrigerator. Hence, it is wise in keeping the fridge full.
  • You can also save energy by setting the computer on sleep mode when not in use even for 15 minutes. Most people think that screensavers help to save energy, but in reality, they do not and thus should not be used as a substitute to place the PC in a sleeping mode.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat is a great idea as these automatically adjust the temperature of the home as per one’s schedule, thereby keeping it comfortable when one requires it to be.
  • Turn off lights and appliances when not in use, particularly by switching off the switches when not in use. Do not leave the freezer or fridge door open for long and defrost the freezer at regular intervals to make it run effectively. A power strip will help in turning off manifold items at one go. 


By making a few small changes, one can make a considerable difference to his/her electricity consumption, thereby limiting the negative impact on the environment.]]>

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