Understanding the personality type of child is the key to successful parenting

Every parent is well aware of the fact that every child has a distinct personality. Every personality type comes with its challenges and strengths. However, understanding the personality type of the child and guiding him/her accordingly is the key to successful parenting. Besides promoting communication and helping avoid conflicts, knowing the personality of the child can help parents realize the best mode to convey love as well as support the child.

Customizing parenting style

Parents always possess the most loving objective for their child, considering them as their little carbon copies. It is indeed natural for a dad and mom in becoming deeply involved in their little one’s personality with the hope that their toddler’s interest and the trait will simply mirror their own. It is indeed so easy in getting over involved in the little one’s successes, struggles, accomplishments and failures. The best solution is to customize the style of parenting based on the child’s personality traits.

Adapting parenting approach based on the unique traits of a child aids in reducing power struggles along with building self-esteem. This way parents can empower and motivate their child by becoming familiar, communicating and honouring in their little one’s natural style of behaving.

Classification of children’s personality types

The personality of a child is categorized into three types, namely shy, easy and wild.

Shy Type:

Often children are shy by nature and slow in warming up. As they grow, they will cling and frown in the presence of strangers. Children having this type of personality are generally extra-sensitive and need ample transition time depending on the activity and resisting change. In such cases, parents should shield their children from ridicule and harsh criticism. They should also ensure that their little one has the time and stability for processing the life’s curve balls.

Easy Type:

Most of the children are easy going by nature. They are happy, cheerful and always ready to accept a new day. Besides, they tolerate change, are active and love new situations and new people and the best part is that they do not get angry easily. In such cases, parents have to use common sense with a few caveats. Yet, at the same time, parents must ensure that an easy child does not turn into a neglected child.

Wild Type:

Often toddlers are strong-willed and challenging but this is found in rare cases. Such roller-coaster children have low lows and high highs. They are more active, more impulsive, more impatient, more rigid, more sensitive, more intense and more defiant. In such cases, parents should keep their child active and get them outside for playing a lot. They also need lots of patience and firm structure for keeping them stable and safe.


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