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Simple Ways to Reduce the Energy Consumption in Your Home

Nature provides us with an infinite amount of renewable energy. Renewable energy relies on resources that are freely available and do not get exhausted. A green and clean source of energy to produce electricity not only reduces the greenhouse gas emission but also helps us save money on electricity bills. One can contribute to a more sustainable energy future by opting for solar, wind or hybrid energy systems for their homes that is an effective source of energy.

Energy efficiency and energy conservation go hand in hand. Energy conservation is reducing the level of energy used. There are a whole lot of ways to reduce the energy consumption in your house. Here are some simple tips to save energy:

Lighting energy saving:

Use as much natural lighting as possible. When constructing a new house, opt for big windows allowing a lot of natural light in the house. Use a lighter shade of paint in the house that makes the house look brighter. Keep the curtains open instead of turning on the lights in the mornings. Do not keep the lights on when not required. Use fluorescent tubes and LED’s instead of ordinary bulbs. They consume much lesser electricity and last longer than ordinary bulbs.

Cooking energy saving:

Microwave ovens use up to 70% lesser energy than conventional cooking methods because of their smaller wattage and faster cooking time. Turn off your oven several minutes before you remove the food. Around 15% of the heat is lost every time you open the oven, so limit the times you open it. Use small appliances wherever possible and correct size of pots and saucepans.

Refrigerator and freezer energy saving:

Do not open the refrigerator or the freezer door too often. Refrigerators operate efficiently when full. The more empty space, more energy is required to keep that space cool. Also, more cold air escapes every time you open the door, if the refrigerator or the freezer is not full. Make sure the doors are free from gaps and the door seal is tight. Try to cover and wrap the food items kept in the refrigerator as uncovered food items releases moisture and make the compressor work harder.

Washing machine and dryer:

Choose the most energy efficient model while buying a washing machine. A front loading washing machine is more energy efficient as compared to a top loading washing machine. Also, choose a dryer that turns off automatically once the clothes are dry. Each time you wash clothes load your washer fully and avoid extra rounds of wash which will use extra power. Use the sun to dry clothes. If you have to use the dryer, do not put soaking wet clothes in the dryer.

Hot water energy saving:

Make sure there are no leaking taps and all the washers and seals are intact. Every drop of hot water wasted is not just the waste of water but also the energy required to heat the water. Insulate the hot water pipes. Do not allow hot water to run down the sink as you wash or shave. Use hot water only when required because every time hot water is used, cold water enters the hot water cylinder and entire water in the cylinder gets cooled and a lot of energy is again used on heating the water.

General energy saving tips:

Turn off the TV when not in use and use energy saving standby mode when not using your computer. Iron more number of clothes at one time to avoid wasting energy reheating the iron. Iron delicate clothes at the end after turning off the iron as the residual heat can be used. Take special care to purchase and use only energy efficient appliances.


It is each of our responsibility to use the energy efficiently and to help conserving it. It is up to us to create and use cleaner and greener sources of energy and use the available sources of energy smartly not taking it for granted.


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