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Simple Tips to Help You Reduce Energy Consumption at Your Home

Conserving energy around the household does not necessarily have to involve installing solar panels or wind turbines on your property. Rather, there are some simpler ways to prevent energy wastage in your home, thereby conserving energy to a great extent in the long run. Here are some of those tips that can help you reduce energy consumption in your home effectively.

Turn off unused electronic devices

How many times have we left a room without switching off the light, fan or TV, etc.? Switching off devices that are not being used at the moment can help you save a lot of energy in the house in the long run. Follow the mantra ‘switch off when not used’, and inculcate the same habit among everyone in the house.

Unplug all unused devices

All those electronic devices like smartphones and tablets, etc. that remain plugged in the socket even after getting fully charged will continue sucking up energy until you remove them from the socket. This leads to a lot of wasted energy in the long run. All it takes is a simple step to unplug them from the socket after they have been fully charged and you can enjoy a decent savings in your yearly utility bills for sure.

Use all home appliances more efficiently

Sometimes, something as simple as changing the time you do the dishes or the laundry can have a great impact on your monthly electricity bills. For instance, you can choose to do the laundry only when there is a full load as this will save multiple runs and the energy related to that as well. The same goes for dishwashers.

Try operating them at times when the load on the grid is less. Instead of pre-washing them, scrape off the food from them and then place them in the washer. If you are using an oven, pre-heat only to the desired temperature and not more than that as this will also cause energy wastage.

Use a Smart Power Strip

A smart power strip can be of great help in saving energy in your home. The strip comes with a sensor which is able to see which of your electronic items are not being used. The strip then switches off these devices automatically. This way, you will be saving plenty of money which will otherwise be spent on standby energy consumed by these devices.

Use all natural resources properly

Rather than switching on the AC, consider opening the windows to increase ventilation. Use ceiling fans on days that are not that hot. Open the curtains to let natural light into the room, minimizing the use of lights. On extremely hot days, close the blinds to create more coolness in the room.

Use energy efficient lighting sources

Replace all incandescent bulbs in your home with energy efficient LED lights. In addition to being affordable and long lasting, these bulbs can help you save plenty of energy in the home with ease.

Use sleep mode on your computer

The screen saver on your computer also tends to suck up a lot of unwanted energy. Set your computer to sleep mode when it is idle to prevent this energy wastage. You will be surprised by the amount of energy you save this way.

Use Thermostat properly

Notching the thermostat up by several degrees on a cool day and vice versa on a hot day can lead to a lot of energy wastage in the home. Make sure the thermostat is tuned to attain the most optimum temperature at all times as this will lead to a lot of energy being saved in the long run.

Rather than solely relying on solar panels and wind turbines to have a greener energy footprint, consider following some simple steps that can also help you save loads of energy with minimum effort.


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