The Impacts of Raising Kids with the Plugged-in Parenting Style

Ever heard of the plugged-in parenting style? It’s all the rage among new parents these days. As the name suggests, it is the style that involves raising kids while glued to your smartphone or tablet. And while you may consider it as deft multitasking, the use of technology can affect your kids more than it can benefit them.

Distracted Parenting on the Rise

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Studies have revealed that the Digital Age has ushered in a new trend called distracted parenting which has alarmingly increased the instances of negative responses in kids’ behaviors and their development. Studies have indicated that children are increasingly at risk of being permanently impacted by parents who remain glued to their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, etc. while parenting them.

Decreased Social and Cognitive Development

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It has been noted that the constant use of smartphones and tablets can lead to parents neglecting their children. This, in turn, can lead to decreased social and cognitive development in children. Many children feel that socializing with a smartphone is the same as face to face interaction, and can end up being socially inept.

Furthermore, children need different kinds of stimulation when growing up. Lack of attention caused by constant use of gadgets can lead to impaired linguistic and cognitive development in children.

Increased Unintentional Childhood Injuries

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Many studies have also related the use of smartphones and tablets while parenting to increased instances of unintentional childhood injuries. It has been revealed that children whose parents were constantly glued to their gadgets, were more prone to engaging in dangerous activities like walking up a slide, throwing sand and jumping off a high wall, etc.

Increased Instances to Harsh Responses

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The studies pointed out that parents who neglected their kids as a result of giving more attention to their gadgets tend to be harsher to their kids. This tends to happen more often when they are disturbed for attention while looking at their smartphones or tablets. In some cases, the visual response can become physical wherein a parent who is irritated on being disturbed while using his gadgets can become physically abusive.

Increased Instances of Disconnection

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Parents who tend to remain connected to their devices at home become more disconnected from their children over a course of time. For instance, they may be speaking or playing with their kids when a phone, message or email, etc. may interrupt them. The sudden interruption causes them to disconnect from the current moment. And as they get washed up in their thoughts, they forget about the children waiting for them to return altogether. 

The increased usage of smartphones, tablets and other electronic gadgets in the household has led to increased instances of distracted parenting. Studies have revealed that this form of parenting can lead to permanent physical, social and psychological impacts on growing children.


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