The significance of parenting shifts

As your child grows and develops, you need to make some adjustments in your parenting style. You require in being flexible to make your way through the different parenting stages of your kid’s lives. A responsible parent is always learning as well as growing, yet there is one vital strategy that you need to consider as your little one begins to grow and change.

As your kid steps into a new developmental phase, it is imperative on your end in making a parenting shift for meeting the new developmental abilities and needs. Below are a couple of examples of parenting shifts styles that parents adopt while interacting with kids of different ages.

Family Fighting

Sibling rivalry:

Rivalry among siblings is very common. With a newborn, you as a mother should teach your other child to let you know when she feels lonely and needs your company. Along with taking care of your newborn baby you must also find time for your other children to prevent sibling rivalry.


General discipline:

As a parent it is your responsibility in childproofing your home for minimizing troubles with a toddler, offering your school-age kid with some consequences and rules and allowing your teenager in experiencing the consequence of his/her mistakes.


Temper tantrums:

As a parent, you would not pay attention to your little one’s loss of control, send your 7 year old kid to regain self-control as well as warn your teenager to calm down.


Making right parenting shifts will make the difference

Keeping in mind the developmental level of your child and making right parenting shifts will make the difference amid the kid who acknowledges your guidance and the one who defies your leadership. A young baby should have emotional and physical needs continually met for developing security and viewing the world as a place that is indeed safe.

When your little one grows into a toddler or preschooler, he/she may require developing two vital character traits namely self-control and responsiveness to authority. When they reach the elementary age, they will need opportunities in solving issues for themselves along with sufficient teaching concerning relationships as well as how the world functions.

As they reach teenage, they require a different approach altogether, carefully balancing extra dialogues with firmness as they begin developing their individual value systems and taking future decisions. Several stages of maturity and growth will take place amid infancy and adolescence and thus as parents you have sufficient opportunities in making adjustments that affects the patterns in your kid’s lives.


Parenting is a highly complicated task with few easy answers. However, the responsibility needs persistent growth as well as flexibility to work covering your child’s changing requirements.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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