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The five most innovative turntables that you can buy

Let us admit that turntables are cool and classy. The DJs use them for live mixing and in their shows. They are still useful and the first choice for many audiophiles. Even in today’s age when music has been digitalized turntables play an important role in the lives of music lovers. They are costly because the quality of music they produce is not comparable to other devices. There is a certain warmth and reality in the sound produced by a turntable. Not just DJs but many urban home owners are buying costly turntables for their home. If you too are fond of this beautiful device then selecting the right one is necessary. In the following you will find a list of five turntables that are fun to use at home and private shows.

DIY Styrofoam Turntable:

The lovely noisy sound in the beginning and the need of putting the needle on the record makes the turntable experience so very special. Teenage Engineering has developed a DIY turntable from Styrofoam. The result of their hard work is impressive but not for sale. You can however build your own by using 45/33 rpm, fine-tuning knob, RCA output, built in speakers, USB connection and other essentials.

Crosley’s Revolution Portable Turntable:

Crosley’s have developed a compact and portable turntable that is powered by batteries. Despite of its small size and neat structure it has got speakers, headphone jacks and USB port. Its price is $149. The USB port lets you connect the turntable with Windows or MAC. The diamond stylus needle looks cool and stylish.

Denon’s DP-200USB Turntable:

If you are in love with vinyl and want to carry them around then getting Denon’s DP 200 USB Turntable is a good idea. It is a hybrid vinyl ripper which offers crisp and beautiful sound quality. The fully automatic device comes with a MP3 encoder. You can get it for $200.

U-Turn Audio Orbit turntable:

The U-Turn Orbit brings back the old world charm with their peppy colorful turntables. They have included only the basic and necessary features that a turntable should have and offers authentic sound quality. It is being sold for around $279 in the market.

Retro-Modern Wood Turntable:

The retro outer appearance of this turntable built by Urban Outfitters is so amazing that even people who have never used a turntable would like to have it. The turntable has a wooden body and the front portion is silver toned. It offers 33/45/78 RPM speeds and has got a lovely frosted dust cover.

Turntables are once again the rage among audiophiles. They not only look cool but offer better music quality.


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