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How irresponsible parenting affects a child

No mom and dad are perfect. As parents it is natural on your part to commit some mistakes either small or big as you embark on the journey to raise your child. Making errors is a part and parcel of parenting and will probably not have any lasting impact on your child, provided you try your best not to repeat these mistakes. Consistent poor parenting however can have a negative influence on the child during childhood and also beyond. These children are always at a disadvantage.

Effects of bad parenting

Parents often underestimate the influences which they are likely to have on their kids. Children who are constantly exposed to irresponsible parenting are more prone to misbehave. Poor supervision, physical punishment and inconsistent disciplinary approaches are attributes of poor parenting which can negatively affect your kid, irrespective of the socioeconomic status and ethnicity. Some of the effects of bad parenting include:

Low self-esteem and depression:

Bad parenting style is likely to have a direct influence on your child’s self-esteem as well as vulnerability to depression. If you are too controlling, your child will be at a higher risk for depression and will also not see themselves positively. In such cases, your child will show signs of depression and will also have negative views regarding their family relationships.

Poor academic performance:

If you neglect your kid or fail to meet their basic needs, this is likely to have a bad effect on their academic performance. Early neglect is harmful to your child as it will prevent them to form social relationships in school as well as from learning.

Behavioural problems:

Misbehaviour or acting out is often linked with ineffective parenting. Bad parenting can indirectly or directly influence antisocial behaviours in your child such as lying, stealing and fighting.

Discover the right parenting style that best fits your child

At first you as a parent are likely to make few mistakes, but it is important in learning from your mistakes and correcting them. If you are unsuccessful in being an ideal parent, you require to attempt in becoming an ideal dad or mom whenever possible. There are untold sources where you can avail great parenting guidance to deal with every difficulty which you encounter. Life being a parent is a continuous learning process; you need to discover the right parenting style that best fits your child.


As you do not wish your kid on the psychiatrist’s clinic in the future revealing about the misery of their childhood days, it is imperative in knowing the influences of poor parenting on your child.


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