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Home decor tips for your studio apartment

2-Studio-apartment-layout Storage: You can follow the same guidelines and principles that are applied to decorating of a small apartment to a studio apartment. It is important to keep clutter under control and use only that furniture that can be used for storage. Folding screens actually lessen the space in the room and have no added functionality, use an open book shelf that will divide the room and double as storage for books, you can also see through an open bookshelf so that way you will feel lees claustrophobic. Brick-Wall-Studio-Apartment-by-Stephan-JAKLITSCH-GARDNER-open-plan-exposed-beam-living-dining Creating zones: Create certain areas that can be used for different activities, as you will need a place where you can eat, hang out, sleep, and work or study. This layout will be determined by the shape and the size of your apartment, so will have to figure out if the dining and sleeping areas can be divided, whether you should buy a daybed or a sofa. If your apartment is shaped like an ‘L’, it is possible to tuck away your dresser and bed out of sight. You will have to play with options till you figure out which one will be best for you. the-miro-studio-apartments Dividing: If you studio apartment is larger in size, you can use dividers to create separate rooms, dividers come in all forms like screens, movable partitions or furniture and curtains. Open-Plan-Clean-White-Interior-Design-Studio-Apartment Create focal points: if your apartment has a focal point then you can accentuate it. You can also create you own focal point in the form of an accent wall, entertainment center or even use your bed is your apartment is very small. 29_temple_05-600x353 Ceilings: When you are in the process of decorating your apartment, you can add a loft or an over head storage room if the ceilings are very high- this actually create more space and storage areas. Minimalist-interior-Studio-Apartment-decorating-ideas-Inspiration-Design Stack and elevate: Stow away clothes and linens in stacked storage, even chairs can be stacked easily. If you have plenty of vertical space, use plenty of hooks, mounted lamps or shelves and ceiling racks.]]>


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