Rare genetic mutations have made these people celebrities

The list of rare genetic diseases comprises of about 7000 different diseases and more than 300 million people suffering from the same worldwide. Given below is a list of some of the most rare genetic disorders and people suffering from them. Josh Hodgkiss – Smith-Magenis Syndrome

Josh Hodgkiss – Smith-Magenis Syndrome

Image Source : BlogSpot Josh Hodgkiss, the son of Mark and Stephanie Hodgkiss is a three year old toddler who has developed an unusual genetic disorder called Smith Magenis Syndrome. Due to the disorder, Josh is unable to feel pain, does not take anything as dangerous and is wide-awake when everyone sleeps due to reversal of the hormones. Biting, hitting, banging the head and biting his tongue into half are some if the common things that Josh does without even the slightest feel of pain and this is what worries his parents. According to his mother, Josh has turned out to be a violent and adamant child and his behavior is completely unpredictable. Ethan Mair – Craniosynosotosis PIC FROM CATERS - (PICTURED:ETHANS JIGSAW SCAR) - An adorable tot was cured of a rare condition after having his skull broken apart and pieced back together again - just like a jigsaw. Little Ethan Mair, 2, from Gosport, Hampshire, was born with craniosynostosis - a condition which fuses the skull together before birth. While most babies are born with gaps in the skull which allow the brain to grow, Ethans had already fused together. The toddler underwent five hours of surgery to reshape his fragile skull and piece it back together, in order to allow his brain to grown properly. Luckily, the operation was a success, and little Ethan is fighting fit. SEE CATERS COPY Image Source : Metrouk2 Cranisynosotosis is a natural birth defect characterized by the premature fusion or closing of one or may be more joints of the skull bones even before the complete formation of the baby’s brain. As a result, the baby’s brain undergoes improper growth and is of a weird shape. Ethan Mair suffered from the same disease, but was lucky enough to be treated by surgeries. The surgeons opened up Ethan’s skull put it together just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and put it back again in place. The baby underwent five surgeries, severe loss of blood but at last won the battle and is back home now. Karren Brammer – Severely Allergic PIC FROM CATERS - (PICTURED:KAREN BRAMMER) - Meet the woman who has nearly died 80 times - risking her life EVERY DAY. Karen Brammer, 40, from Shefford, Beds, has 23 allergies and lives in fear of dying every day - her severe allergies mean that even a stroll to the shops can kill her. Karen had to give up her dream job as a nurse due to her latex allergy becoming so extreme. Her allergies also mean that she rarely goes on holiday and doesnt step outdoors during the summer months. SEE CATERS COPY Image Source : DailyMail.Co.Uk Karren Brammer from Bedfordshire deserves a salute for her courage and determination to live even after suffering some of the most severe allergies in the world that include allergies towards latex, wasps, kiwi fruits and numerous medications. When talking about latex, it should be noted that latex is commonly used for making innumerable items such as balloons, shoes, plastic bags, bath plugs, television, equipment, cars, chewing gums, escalator handrails, stamps and others. Because of this medical condition, Karren could not perceive her job as a nurse and even had to take aback her gardening business. She underwent severe anaphylactic shock due to her condition but is still fighting for her life. Jono Lancaster – Treacher Collins Syndrome

Jono Lancaster – Treacher Collins Syndrome

Image Source : News.Com Jono was born with a rare disorder that affects 1 in 50,000 people and is known as the Treacher Collins Syndrome. This disease is characterized by the malformation of bones of cheeks and jaws in patients, which results in eye problems, cleft palate, blindness and poor development of facial bones that ultimately leads to respiratory problems. Jono took a long time to accept his condition is now on his way to help others for the same. He recently went to Australia to meet a 2 year old toddler, Zackary Walton, who unfortunately suffers from the same disease. Graham – Cotard’s Syndrome Graham Harrison who has zombie syndrome. Strict Copyright Laws Apply © Photograph - Richard Austin Tel: 07831-566005 Image Source : ExeterexpressandEcho This man from Britain suffers from a major syndrome called Cotard’s syndrome also known as the Walking Corpse Syndrome which is named so because the sufferers of this disease believe that they are dead or no more alive. Graham, as a result of his condition even attempted suicide with the help of an electrical appliance inside his bathroom. These genetic disorders are beyond human control and cause irreversible to both the body and the mind of the sufferers. All we can do is that value our life and be thankful to the almighty.]]>


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