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Quick fix the damage to your hardwood flooring

Nothing can beat the distinctiveness a hard wood flooring gives your home. However, like any other flooring, wooden flooring is prone to damage, if not a bit more than other flooring types. Wooden flooring can easily attract scratches, stains, gouges and even squeaks, etc. with time, wooden flooring needs to be maintained and repaired on a periodic basis. So if you are on the lookout for some easy and effective tips to repair wooden flooring, follow the pointers mentioned below.

Repairing Scratches and Scuffs

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Scratches and scuffs on hard wood flooring are usually superficial and can be easily touched up. All you need to do is clean the surface and buff in the same direction as the grain with steel wool. Follow it up with sealant and finish. If the scratch is deeper, sand the wood before resealing and refinishing.

Taking care of Water Stains

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Wooden floors don’t take kindly to water. Water marks on the surface of hard wood floors can be removed by placing a white cloth on the stain and then placing a medium heated iron on the cloth. Ironing the surface back and forth gently will extract the stain. Larger water mark stains would need to be handled professionally. The area would need to be sanded and the vacuumed. It should then be wiped with mineral spirits to remove the stain (bleach can be used for darker stains). This is followed by another round of sanding over the surface.

Taking care of Black Stains

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If you have pets, trust them to make accidents that would soon turn to black stains on the wooden floor if not cleaned promptly. You may try bleaching, sanding or even staining the wood floor. If nothing works out, you would need to replace the section completely.

Repairing Distorted Floorboards

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Excessive dampness can cause cupping or crowning which leads to the floorboards becoming distorted. Dry the area nicely first and follow it with proper sanding at the problem areas to get the boards back in shape. If this doesn’t work, replace the boards.

Taking care of mold


Excessive dampness can again cause mold to grow on the hard wood floor. The mold appears as fuzzy white blotches on the surface. Mold cannot be removed by bleach or any other surface treatment that works well for other issues. You would have to call in a professional to deal with it.

Repairing Loose, Squeaky Boards

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With time, individual boards can become loose and start to squeak as they rub against each other as well as the other installations in the house. Dryness can also cause this condition. Your first step would be to fasten these boards in place with screws and bolts. Your next step would be to introduce some moisture or humidity indoors to prevent this from happening again.

Treating Burns


Small burn marks are common in the house if you smoke. You can try to treat the burn marks with sandpaper, steel wool or a magic eraser. If the mark is small, use a touch-up pen to color the wood to match the rest of the floor. If the area is bigger, stain it.

Replacing Damaged Flooring Pieces

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If there is no option but to replace the damaged pieces of wood flooring, here is an easy way you can go about it.

Remove the damaged portion of the floor with a pry bar. Vacuum the dirt and debris that may have collected beneath the flooring. Install a vapor barrier by stapling and then hammering the correct sized one into place. Place the new wooden board in the space and nail it into place. Cover the nails afterwards with wood putty. Sand the boards and follow it up with staining, using an appropriate wood stain to match the rest of the flooring as well as requirements of the wooden board.

Hardwood flooring can add a distinct rustic look to your home. However, it is prone to a lot of damage and would need to be repaired periodically. Not to worry though, for you can easily take care of wood flooring and extend it longevity with these maintenance tips.


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