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High-end devices that are your helpers at home

People at large believe that smart homes only belong to people whose salaries are big enough because converting a dumb home into a smart home is expensive. Well, we cannot deny that the entire conversion is actually expensive, but you can always invest in some changes initially and then move to the bigger ones.

Converting your home step-by-step is a wise decision that does not burn a hole in your pocket and makes your home convenient. Here are some new devices that are not too expensive but are highly efficient in making your life easy at home.


Mario Masitti has designed a new gadget called Davi especially for people who find closing and opening of blinds tricky or annoying. Davi is going to be a part of smart homes belonging to such people, as it allows you to close or open the blinds with a single touch on your Smartphone. No more need to reach out for blinds manually when you can do the same while relaxing on the couch.

Automated blinds have been there in the market for quite some time now but not everybody can afford them owing to their pricey nature. Davi on the other hands is a gadget that you can slide into your current blinds and tilt as you tilt your phone. It has quite an easy installation that takes no more than 5 minutes, and is a solar powered device.


Connected home automation systems are growing every day, and Domus is the latest addition to the list. Domus comprises of an iPlug smart outlet adapter, the iCon unit for Wi-Fi and IR control, and the Domus app. You can control a number of things in your home, tasks, monitor energy usage and prevent accidents with the help of Domus that connects you to your home remotely through Android and iOS Smartphones.

It is simple to understand this concept and then to use it. You just have to plug in the iPlug and set the iCon near devices you want to control, download the app, and then Domus that works with Domus cloud allows you to do all that remotely.


Oomi seems to be a magical remote that at once takes control of your home security, amps up comfort, manages the ambience just right, and takes care of the entertainment factor pretty well. A tablet with a touch screen panel on one side and tactile buttons on the other, Oomi works as a central remote.

The Oomi cube is the brain and comprises of startling features such as night vision, a UV sensor, motion detector, humidity sensor, break sensor, vibration sensor, ambient light sensor, and a temperature sensor. Other components include bulb, Oomi plug, door and window sensor, multisensory, streamer, and air, which are responsible for what Oomi is capable of doing.

ThinkEco SmartAC

ThinkEco SmartAC kit is designed to make any air conditioner in your home a smart air conditioner, especially in terms of energy conservation. A USB gateway a SmartAC thermostat and a modlet are the components of this kit. Plug modlet into the AC power outlet and use the USB gateway connected to your computer, and in the end use thermostat to set the room temperature. You can control and schedule your AC usage remotely and this kit helps reduces energy usage.


Pronounced as Nerd, this gadget is a Wi-Fi product that allows you to control any device without router or internet remotely. Any gadget, appliance, or a vehicle you own, you can control them all with this revolutionary device. The My N3RD app converts any switch into an automatic controlled smart switch.

Today is the predominance of connected home automation devices that enable a person to lead an easy and a convenient life.

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