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Protips for an eco-friendly workout

Have you ever thought of making your fitness routine or workout greener? You can actually do this by some eco-friendly hacks. There are several activities involved in your workout that can damage the environment and also affect your health. However, many fitness freaks never pay attention to these aspects. For instance, using a motorized treadmill consumes good amounts of energy and the use of plastic bottles to carry energy drinks is unfriendly to the nature. Several workout related factors can be corrected to live an eco-savvy life. Check out a few of these here.

Lose weight with an eco-friendly diet

Consuming special diets is an important part of your fitness regime. You can add a touch of green to your diet by replacing your regular food items with green items. Go for all-natural eatables or those certified to be organic. Such items are grown without the use of chemicals or insecticides to protect them. These are also refreshed and packaged using eco-friendly procedures. Additionally, you may receive proper nutrition through fully organic and unpolished foods. If pesticides or insecticides are sprayed on foods, then these may also kill their nutritional elements. Thus, you may do a lot of favor to your health, as well as the environment by choosing an eco-friendly diet.

Go in the lap of nature for your workout

Using home or gym equipment and machines can consume a lot of energy. You can save your energy bills and money by moving out for your workout. Go for running in a field, biking or hiking. This will keep you healthier, as you will be able to avail the benefits of remaining in the natural environment. You will also be able to flex some extra muscles on uneven surfaces. If you want to carry your yoga mat or weights, then you can do that and start your workout in a nearby park too. Outdoors have the biggest advantage that they do not cost you anything. Thus, ditch your personal space and inhale some fresh air.

Opt for greener transportation

Even if you hit your gym for a workout, you can be eco-friendly if you adopt greener transportation to visit it. Instead of moving in your car, pick up a fuel-free option like a bike to go to the gym. If it is close by, then you may also jog down to that place. It will not only contribute to your cardio workout, but will also be safe for the environment.

Use green containers or bottles

If you carry any eatables or drinks to your gym, then make sure to use such containers and bottles that are friendly to the environment. Avoid plastic bottles and boxes. Instead, go for BFA-free containers that do not harm the ecology. These green refillable containers can also reduce waste in landfills. Additionally, these keep you healthier and away from diseases that may be caused by using plastic containers. One example of a green item is a stainless steel bottle that is free of toxins like lead. It is also durable and lightweight.

Select the right fitness gear and clothing

Nowadays, you can easily find branded fashionable clothing for gym workouts. However, you should prefer to go for eco-friendly clothing and accessories that is no less on style. There are several popular brands making green clothing. Apart from this, you should choose such fitness equipment and gear that is made of recycled materials. Regular stuff like gym bags and yoga mats should be made of renewable materials so these can reduce your carbon footprint. When your clothing or footwear is worn out, you may donate it to companies that reuse and repurpose them.

If you are interested in making your workout healthier for yourself and your environment, then try to perform activities in an open space. You should also replace your regular choices with eco-friendly foods, fitness gear, eatables/drinks carrying products, and transportation.


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