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Pizza Fusion’s South Tampa sequel to uphold the green tradition

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Pizza Fusion, a Fort Lauderdale-based restaurant chain is a name known for its green enterprises. Already flaunting an eco-friendly image with in incorporating shredded blue jeans for insulation, wind power for electricity and Toyota Priuses, electric scooters and bicycles for delivery purposes, the green credentials go beyond it. It does not practices only these modes of renewable energy, it’s delicious pizzas are also made using 100 percent organic ingredients.

Taking the green initiatives to another level, the fast-growing restaurant chain will very soon extend to South Tampa yelling out the motto ‘Saving the Earth, One Pizza At A Time’. The construction work is expected to begin just after signing a lease by November and the grand opening is estimated in February or March. Just as the other Pizza Fusion restaurants, this new one will also be LEED certified, which means it will pass a strict test for impact on the environment, sourcing of building materials and energy efficiency.

Biodegradable latex will go into the making of seat cushions instead of petroleum-based foam. Similar to all the other Pizza fusion places, this one that is expected to be very close to Dale Mabry and Bayshore Boulevard will use ‘Spudware’ serving utensils made from potato starch. If you come across any recycled or re-used furniture, don’t look shocked. The restaurant chain has been using stuff like old church pews, furniture from bowling alleys or school gymnasium flooring. Not only does the chain offer healthier pizza that tastes good, but also gives its customers a discount for returning their used pizza boxes for recycling.

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