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MIT researchers to produce biofuel from TB bacteria


So far we have seen biofuels evolve from algae, used cooking oil and corn. Now researchers at MIT are getting prepared to produce it from an organism, which is similar to the type that causes tuberculosis. Headed under Professor Anthony Sinskey, the team aims to develop a strain of bacteria that produces biofuel. These bacteria work well as they are in constant need of large amount of sugars and toxic compounds to produce lipids that are capable of being converted into biodiesel.

This research is part of a bigger effort MIT has embarked on to develop biofuels using synthetic biology. The team has already achieved success in engineering a strain of bacteria that eats glycerol, while another strain can eat a mix of two types of glucose and xylose. Since the basic chemistry and biology has been sorted out, the team is now working on producing the best yields. The research will be in process for another two to three years.

Via: CleanTechnica

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