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Next-gen electric cars to swap lithium-air-based batteries

lithium air battery
I guess you all use cellphones and are quite familiar with refill, recharging via coupon rather, and all. Imagine recharging your vehicles in the same way when they run high and dry. Well, it is no viewing through rose-tinted glasses since Japanese scientists are thinking seriously about a cassette refill system for the next-gen electric cars. Relying on newly developed lithium-air cells, they can do it!

So, in the future, when you drop by a filling station for refill, all you need to do is swap the electrolyte in the battery cell with a new air electrode and move ahead. It seems to be so fantastic, doesn’t it?

lithium air battery 2Anyhow, the Japanese duo at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Yonggang Wang and Haoshen Zhou, has devised the battery that converts chemical energy to electrical energy using an organic electrolyte on the anode (metallic lithium) side and an aqueous electrolyte on the cathode (air) side. LISICON (lithium super-ion conductor glass film) is there to separate the two electrolytes. It produces no solid substances and the lithium ions pass through the solid-state electrolyte easily.

For the worrywarts, the experiment confirms a continuous discharging of 50,000mAh/g, and that’s impressive indeed!

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