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10 Most Popular and Desired Fragrances in the US

Popular and Desired Fragrances in the US

Finding the right fragrance for yourself and for your love one is not very difficult. But sometimes it does when you have plenty to choose from. You have the most expensive perfumes available out there but most expensive perfumes or fragrance is not what is required by all of us. What we need is a great perfume for work and play. Scents do play their part and we need it for every moment of our life.

There are thousands of perfumes, colognes and fragrances available around us but only few of them matches our taste. Below is the list of most liked and desired perfumes in the US and many of them are globally desired by all of you. I’m sure you will find the right one for yourself out of the list.

#1 BVLGARI Perfume


The worlds leaders in luxury, Bvlgari is one of the global players in the luxury market. It has been there for more than hundreds years now. Bvlgari is known for its fashion accessories, body products, jewelry line collection, and perfumes. Still Bvlgari  is providing the best of the products and services to the people around the globe..

#2 Chanel Perfume

Established by Ernest Beaux, The Chanel N°5, has a history behind it. Initially there were two series of perfume samples created. Ernest Beaux numbered them 1 to 5 and 20 to 24. Coco Chanel chose sample number 5 and this is the history of its name.



#3 Estee Lauder Perfume



In 2008 Brasil dream of her was introduced to people by Estee Lauder. For Men   they come up with its masculine version “Brasil dream of him”. This is to match their feminine version. Another fantastic fragrance for men by Estee Lauder.


#4 Burberrys Perfume



Founded in1850’s by Thomas Burberry for garments, it has become known with its trademarks in fashion, bags, accessories and fragrance. It has been in the perfume industry for years now and have given some outstanding fragrance to the people around the globe.


#5 Calvin Klein Perfume



Calving Klein is very well known in international fashion industry, it has also produced some most sold and Most liked fragrance in the US. It is considered as one of the top perfumes in the US. It has variety of  perfumes and colognes collection for men, women and unisex scents.


#6 Prada Perfume



Mario Prada established Prada Name in 1913. Prada’s first products were leather handbags, shoes and trunks. Bags were really their area of expertise before when they started making their name in the fashion industry. Like their bag people do trust them for their perfumery as well. They offer excellent variation of perfumes.


#7 Annick Goutal Perfume



Annick Goutal produces perfumes of its own kind they are loved by whoever worn them even once. Annick is not only the model she is also a pianist. Her love for music is also reflected in her perfumes collection .


#8 Hermes Perfume



Started off as a family owned business in 1830, Hermes Paris made its name in leather goods for its quality and style. people respect their products from the time they are into the perfumery business, . They have introduced some amazing fragrance in the perfume industry of the US.


#9 Caron Perfume



Caron has over 34 fragrances to offer to the world. 13 of these are special boutique scents for men and women alike. People love this brand in the US.


#10 Jean Patou Perfume




Jean Patou. was the first to introduced tanning lotion. He first opened a dress making shops before he entered in perfumery. He is also known as the inventor of knitted swimwear and tennis skirt. This brand has some amazing variety of perfumes


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