Managing online kids

Presently, online activities are on the rise and internet is preferred for most of the purposes ranging from information gathering and networking to online shopping. While parents are found using these services quite often, the children also realize the importance of online existence. Hence they too start accessing internet early in their lives and are often found to become completely captured by the online life.


While this is a step towards advancement, it is equally important to understand the pros and cons of internet usage by kids. Most of the parents realize the seriousness of this issue and are hence concerned about their child’s safety. When your kids are online it is important that you are aware of their activities and it is your duty to make sure that your kid’s privacy and security is intact.

Parents need to understand their child’s needs from the online activities. Many kids like to be online for gathering information for their projects, finding about educational and training courses while many like to enjoy making friends and networking, sharing photos and videos and such other countless activities.

Maintaining privacy

Parents can do a lot to help their children visit the internet and be online within safety limits. With proper parental guidance and support, your kids can not only enjoy being online but will also learn to maintain their privacy. Some of the tips for parents include:

  • Be aware of your child’s online activities – As a parent, you should know the reasons for which your children are visiting the internet. Knowing that their parents are aware will make the children more responsible and confident too.
  • Check the websites that your child visits – Find out the sites that your child regularly visits and may be sharing personal information. Check for the privacy policy of the sites and get to know the personal information that they are gathering for registration or any other purpose. Go through the entire terms of use and policy guidelines section. If in doubt, it is better to contact the concerned authorities and get your doubts cleared.
  • Giving your permission – You can choose to select or reject any particular site. Many sites ask for your permission and you can choose as per your comfort zone. You can clearly explain to your children and make them understand your point of view in case you are rejecting permission for particular sites or for providing some information.
  • COPPA Rights for you – It is essential to know about the COPPA rights. These sites are designed for children below 13 years of age and are involved in protecting the information provided by children on the sites.

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