Making healthcare products for kids appear more friendly

Hospital visits and the healthcare products and tools are usually a scary experience for kids. Therefore, need for some interesting and child-friendly products has been felt more than ever before to make kids feel more comfortable than scaring them off. Here are such child-friendly childcare concepts that instead of frightening kids make them happy.

MAM Oral Care Rabbit

MAM Oral Care Rabbit

Dental care is of paramount importance for everyone and parents are supposed to instill good habits to avoid any dental issues in their children. Toddlers can’t do much about their oral hygiene on their and thus, rely on their parents. The MAM Oral Care Rabbit is a charming dental care tool for babies.

Parents are supposed to tuck in your fingers into bunny’s soft ears and then gently massage their kids’ super soft gums or growing teeth. Made of BPA free cotton terry/ Lycra blend, it is soft and ideal for your baby’s sensitive gums. MAM Oral Care Rabbit is easy to clean and your baby would be fascinated to look at it.

Ava the elephant medicine dispenser

Ava the elephant medicine dispenser

Parents usually have a hard time when they have to feed a medicine to their kids. Probably kids do not like the very appearance of the medicine dispensers and right away refuse to take medicine. Ava the Elephant is a very interesting alternative to conventional medicine dispensers, which is sure to attract the attention of your kids.

Dispensing medicine through its trunk, the medicine dispenser presents a playful design to encourage kids to take their medicine regularly. This elephant shaped medicine dispenser alleviates any fear or anxiety of taking medicine in children.

Sweet Sensing Thermometer


Sweet Sensing, a new age thermometer, is a child friendly concept that makes measuring temperature a quick and simple process. Measuring body temperature of kids is a frequent and a necessary phenomenon but many children hate the entire procedure owing to the intrusiveness of a conventional thermometer.

On the other hand, the Sweet Sensing thermometer is a temperature sensitive patch that you need to stick on your baby’s body to check their body temperature. It transfers the temperature readings to the cloud.

The Pick Kit

The Pick Kit

The Pick Kit consists of bird themed toys that give kids a positive hospital experience. The egg shaped plastic cover houses a syringe without a needle, plastic wings pair, a metal spring and a small whistle. Kids are encouraged to assemble the toy, which distracts them and alleviates their fear of impending blood test or other procedures.

Addressing the need child-friendly healthcare instruments and devices, designers and health care experts worldwide are developing some unique and practical designs to help parents and doctors treat kids safely and effectively.


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