Letting Young Children Taste Alcohol Does Not Increase Their Resistance

[box_dark]Make your child understand about the harms of liquor- Do not introduce them to the same[/box_dark]

There is a myth among the parents that if they let their children taste alcohol at a tender age they would not consume alcohol when they are adults. Psychologists have their say on this statement that, this is a wrong notion among the parents, as they cannot determine what their children would be drinking when they surpass a certain age. In addition, they also stated that, it is harmful for the child to consume liquor at tender age as it might cause several ailments. Studies and research programs have been conducted on this particular case and results, which were derived, stated was, one cannot determine that kids will not drink when they reach puberty.

After contacting some parents on this issue, it was found that, parents have the idea of exposing their child to liquor so that they can discourage the interest, which might form at a later stage. People who were questioned on this matter where parents of kids who were in their elementary school. In addition, parents also stated that this might not be a good choice but it can be taken as an option to hold their children from drinking.

[box_dark]What can be the outcome- Psychologist View?[/box_dark]

Many of the psychologists have stated that introducing your children to alcohol for restraining them will not help in any aspect. They also stated that, they had conducted a research on this issue and found that many of the mothers are the one who are willing to introduce their children to liquor at an early stage of their childhood so that they can forbid the taste when they get into their teen years.

Some of the renowned psychologists have stated that, this issue might get grave, as the child can actually like the taste of liquor and start drinking in the absence of their parents. The psychologists have also stated that, they have been in talks with some of the renowned doctors about this case and have found that, introducing a child to liquor might cause several problems, as their internal organs are not so strong.

[box_dark]The final verdict[/box_dark]

After talking to the press and disclosing some important facts about introducing children to liquor at tender age, the psychologists stated that, this way of explaining children might not help in any way. One of the best options that have been given by the psychologists is that, making the kids understand about the harms caused by liquor would be more fruitful in comparison to introducing them to liquor directly.


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