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Milan designers- Summer fashion should be Fun

[box_dark] Enjoying the Milan fashion week- Milan fashion designers[/box_dark]

Milan fashion week was a success and the fashion designers were on cloud number nine as they were acclaimed for their work. After the success of Milan fashion week, the designers stated that, it was fun and that is what fashion is all about. During the fashion week in Milan, the designers took use of finest fabric material for designing the spring-summer cloths collection. The attires, which were designed by the designers for the Milan fashion week was more than being sexy this time, it was a treat for the eyes that were there at the fashion week hosted in Milan.

Prints were on this week at Milan. Along with the prints, graphics were also taken into use for showing a new range and pattern of cloths. In addition, the color combination, which was taken into use by the fashion designers, was out of this world. The industry experts and some of the fashion designers who were there at the fashion event stated that, Milan designers have done a fantastic job by using vibrant colors and showing a new range of pattern and designs. White and black were there in the show, but it was not so prominent like in the previous fashion events hosted in Milan.

This year at the Milan fashion week, designers concentrated more on the upper silhouette. They kept the silhouette loose and pleats were embellished.  Along with this, embroidery and flounces was also a part of silhouette. Along with this, concentration was even given to the section of trousers. Starting from the usual hot pants, cigarette pants, palazzo pajamas, pedal pushers and gauchos were a part of the Milan fashion week. The fashion designers present at the Milan fashion fest stated that, it is always fun to come at Milan and display their collection as they always have something new to offer and Milan gives them the best ideas while designing cloths.

Cloths were no doubt the center of attraction in the Milan fashion week, but shoes also dominated the show. High-heeled sandals with straps on the ankle were loved by the fashion experts. For the designers present at the fashion show in Milan, Asia was the biggest source of inspiration. Starting from luxury to stylistic attires, many fashion designers showed the Asian touch. Milan fashion week was a success and all the designers had fun while designing new cloths and attires for the show, was stated by a fashion magazine that covered the show.

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