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Jeanologia to present eco-friendly technology at Munich

Jeanologia, Spanish company is well known for its environmental awareness. It focuses on the health of workers in the Jeans finishing industry. The outlook of textile industry is completely changing these days. The designs and techniques are in such a way to give more importance to keep it environmental friendly without losing the appeal. At the Fashion Fair Munich Fabric Start, Jeanologia, will be presenting their latest sustainable technologies for processing finished garments in an environmentally friendly and economical manner.

Advantages of the 3E Twin laser by Jeanologia

During this special event at Munich, the company for the first time will show textile laser technology. It is designed under 3E’s which are Ecology, Efficiency and Ethics. It avoids the use of unhealthy techniques for operators. It also helps a great to deal to save water, energy, chemicals and even time which are required in jeans finishing process. In this event the company particularly will exhibit their new Jeanologia laser 3E Twin. It is suitable for the large scale production of jeans. This has two laser resonators, TWIN power (a dual dial system) and a unique power control system. This technology permits the completion of two legs on the jeans at the same time.

Another advantage is that it will help to produce genuine vintage look and also help to produce more elaborate designs. The textile laser increases accuracy and consistency while creating a more authentic end result. It will also help to save the production time. Another major benefit of 3E twin laser technology is that, it can make up to 200 jeans per hour. This technology is really amazing if you compare to the earlier one where you can produce only 10 jeans in an hour if you are using conventional hand sanding. Even if you use sandblasting techniques you can produce only 60 jeans in an hour. This means you can really save time and can increase the production.

Environmental Impact Measurement

Apart from this new laser technology, Jeanologia will showcase their EASY MARK and EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement) software packages. It has a user friendly interface with a “drag and drop” functionality that is fully adaptable to almost any shape or size used in production. This will help in the smooth integration of the design. The Jeanologia EIM software on display is the first environmental impact measurement software of its kind that is specific to the garment finishing industry.

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