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Is your partner using Facebook to cheat on you – find out?

The new age of technology has revolutionized the way we communicate. There are many more mediums to reach out to people and stay in touch, make new friend. For couples in relationships, these new open and accessible platforms of communication such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc lead to a host of problems. Anyone can meet anyone on Facebook, especially and Facebook friendships can sometimes go beyond friendship. Many relationships have ended due to Facebook infidelity. There are always signs to know if your partner is cheating on you using Facebook. It is not easy to deal with a cheating spouse. Your partner may be having an emotional affair with another person on using this social media platform. This is actually quite serious, even though there may be no physical contact. To confirm your suspicions you have to check to see if your partner using Facebook to cheat on you:

Signs to check if your partner using Facebook to cheat on you

He/she does not share his text conversations

Is he or she constantly checking the phone for text messages? You may notice your partner may be doing this even when the two of you are on a romantic dinner date. A cheating partner may be so engrossed on the cellphone; that he/she has no idea about what is going on. You may also find your partner smiling and responding in other emotional ways to the messages, and does not share them with you. You can’t expect a person to share all their Facebook messages, but if someone is continuously leaving you out, a gap is sure to develop between you two. This is one of the ways of how Facebook can ruin your relationship.

Your partner gets Facebook messages late at night constantly

We all get messages at all times of the day and night; but it’s also one of the ways you can check if your partner using Facebook to cheat on you. If he/she receives late night messages on a regular basis, and then hides the messages or even the fact that he has received a message from you, take it as a sign of cheating. Sure, there is no compulsion that your partner should show any messages to you; but he or she should not be secretive about them either, especially if you feel left out. This behavior pattern can increase the distance between you two, and you may be already the third wheel of the relationship.

He’s very possessive of his devices

If you’re dealing with a cheating spouse/partner, one of the signs is that he will suddenly become extremely possessive of his devices. People who have something to hide often have heightened vigilance. If he is physically protective of his iPad, phone or computer, and becomes irritated if you pick up the phone or other device by chance,  it is a sure shot sign he’s having a digital affair. He might be using Facebook on all his devices and your partner using Facebook to cheat on you.

Is there someone your partner is talking more to than you

You can learn that your partner using Facebook to cheat on you, and it might be very obvious. He/she’s spending hours talking to that person, though he’s unwilling to give the time of the day to you. It could be a person that he/she has met on Facebook and you notice that your partner is flirting with him/her and sharing inside jokes.

This can get more concerning when you have no clue as to whom that person is. He tries to hide his intimacy with the other person and tries to pass it off as ‘nothing’. It’s very difficult while dealing with a cheating spouse/partner, as their behavior becomes very aggressive when being asked about that other person.

He clings to his devices with the power of super glue, almost. He takes his cellphone to the bathroom too, which is laughable but does happen. Men/women who try to hide their affairs on Facebook, stick to their phones and other devices.

Follow your instinct

We all have a strong instinct about the people in our lives, and this instinct gets fine tuned when we suspect someone of being unfaithful. You might have subconsciously noticed all that the signs that your partner using Facebook to cheat on you, but have tried to give excuses for them. This will have a terrible effect on your relationship. The impact of Facebook in relationships is undeniable especially when it comes to Facebook affairs.

He’s looking at other women on social media

Your partner may suddenly take an interest in other women on his social media. He might be looking at lots of women to hide the special one. Or, he may be on the verge of having an affair with one of them. Read his posts carefully to see if he has made any romantic comments or if one particular woman has been commenting and liking his posts too frequently. All those comments back and forth could be the result or the build-up to a relationship.

Does he address her in endearing or special way?

If he/she wants to attract the attention of the person, they will be sharing their photos and posts. You might even catch him addressing her with endearing names, or nicknames, which he never seems to call you these days. It’s tough and it’s heartbreaking, but you cannot be blind to it anymore. He cannot say that he is ‘just friends’ with that particular Facebook friend.

He compares you to other women

You used to be the perfect woman, now he’s finding faults with you all the time. He compares you to other women, and if he compares you specifically to his Facebook ‘friend’, it’s probably time to sit him down and ask what exactly his relationship with her is! Your partner should anyway never denigrate you in any way, and if he has suddenly started doing this, please take this as a serious sign of at least he being too engrossed or interested in the ‘other woman’ or man, for that matter.

The impact of Facebook in relationships is quite extreme – it can bring you both closer, and it could also be the means to separate you. All relationships go through bad phases, but affairs drag down a relationship to the bottom. Your special bond with the other person begins to disintegrate, if he/she spends too much time with someone other than you, even though it could be only on Facebook!

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