Incredible novelty architecture across the world

You must have come across some of the most unusual structures in the past. Known as the novelty architecture, these architectures simply attract the attention of the onlooker. Since novelty architectures are more interesting and attractive, they obviously are famous compared to normal constructions. Here we have come up with a list of such structures that are incredible examples of novelty architecture across the globe.

Longaberger Company Headquarters, Newark

Longaberger Company Headquarters, Newark

Longaberger’s headquarter in Ohio resembles a handcrafted maple wood basket. The founder of the company, Dave Longaberger, chose this unique design as wooden basket is the most selling product of the company.

This design not only serves aesthetic purpose but is extremely functional as well. The two giant basket-handles on top of the building heat up and prevent ice formation during winter months.

Teapot Dome Service Station, Zillah

Teapot Dome Service Station, Zillah

The unique teapot shaped service station in Washington is famous for its beauty, and reminds everybody of the Teapot Dome scandal. Inspired by the scandal, Jack Ainsworth handcrafted this unique structure back in early 1920s. The structure is 14 feet in diameter, and has a conical roof, a sheet metal handle, a circular frame and a spout made of concrete.

The Big Apple, Canada

The Big Apple, Canada

Quite loved and famous roadside attraction in Colborne, Ontario is the Big Apple. It is the brainchild of George Boycott, who inspired by a big pineapple structure in his hometown come up with the unique design of the structure.

It is a bakery and a restaurant that one can see from the highway, owing to its giant and colorful design. Measuring 35 ft high and 38 ft width, the structure also features an observation desk.

The Big Chicken, Georgia

The Big Chicken, Georgia

A structure with a chicken neck rising up from its roof is the Big Chicken KFC restaurant in Marietta, Georgia. People can see the large steel-sides structure with big moving eyes and beak from quite a distance. It has become a famous landmark in the area.

Mammy’s Cupboard, Mississippi

Mammy's Cupboard, Mississippi

Yet another astounding example of novelty architecture is the Mammy’s Cupboard, nestled on the US Highway 61, Natchez, Mississippi.

Built in 1940, it is a roadside restaurant in the shape of a mammy archetype. The red skirt of the woman houses a gift shop and a dining room. The outer structure that appears as a woman holding a serving tray with a smile has been repaired and the interior refurbished many times.

Novelty architecture is a form of architecture that on purpose gives unusual shapes to buildings. Their unusual shape and type makes them a landmark in architecture.


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