Important parental tips to protect children in this digital world

In this tech-savvy world, accessing the internet via a mobile handset is indeed a privilege. This hype is more in case of children, especially teens. Thus, it is crucial for parents in supervising and providing proper guidance for promoting safety. It is an obligation for parents to help their children in having a better understanding of both the safe use as well as perils of this technology via discussion, setting appropriate limits, supervision, awarding privileges for ideal technology use and consequences for unsuitable technology use. Here are some simple and effective ways to keep your children safe and prepared:



The first and foremost thing is to consider whether the child is actually ready for a cell phone and is responsible enough for operating the device without losing or damaging it. Although the majority of the parents believe that a child aged 10-12 years is enough mature in taking care of a phone, but this is not the case always. Children differ from each other when it comes to their sense of responsibility and outlook. Thus, it is always advisable to begin with a basic handset initially, if this works then one can try models that are more expensive.

Safeguard their handsets:

These days, most mobile carriers offer parental controls, which allow parents to block picture messaging, restrict web browsing and limit the time their little one can place calls or text.

Content filtering:

Such controls are capable of blocking a few websites for enabling a safer mobile browsing. Some filters also help in limiting videos as well as other multimedia while browsing the internet.

Keep it private:

Sometimes links in emails and social networks can lead one’s child to sites, which ask them in entering their cell phone number. Thus, parents must explain them in being cautious about this thereby avoiding emails and posts from friends that are out from the ordinary or appear unusual. Further, parents should also caution the children that when they exchange contact numbers with someone they are not acquainted with, they should rather take the other individual’s contact information rather than providing them with their own. Most importantly, parents must ensure that children do not publicize their number on the web.

Limit usage:

Parents should designate a proper time slot for talking, particularly after chores and homework are completed or prior to dinner. Prevent constant calls from interrupting family time.


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