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How to make dark colors work in the bedroom

<![CDATA[Dark colors can be made to feel cozy and comfortable if you use them the right way. If you want your bedroom done up in rich dark colors, check out these awesome tips to make it work for you.

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How to make dark colors work in the bedroom

Light colors, whites and pastels are often preferred for walls since it makes the room appear brighter and creates the illusion of space. But if that is not your style you can use dark colors to your advantage in the bedroom with these tips and tricks.

  • The right color – Dark colors have the effect of making a room feel intimate . However you do need to pick out the right shade of color. Charcoal greys work well for a socialiing area however when it comes to the bedroom, go for colors like brown , reddish brown and chocolate brown, midnight blues and navy blues.
  • The creation of contrast – To set the perfect balance of things, create contrast by adding linens in light colors against the dark backdrop. The deep dark colors will be offset by the lighter shades in the room and create a dramatic ambience altogether. You can create contrast in the ceilings as well by going for a lighter shade in it and a dark shade on the walls. Stripes on the ceiling with a shade of both of colors used will also create perfect harmony of colors.
  • Use the dark color to highlight – The advantage of having dark colors in the backdrop is to make other things of art and design elements that would otherwise escape notice, stand out. Each and every item paired well will have a distinctive appeal of its own.
  • Use neutral tones in other things – Like all other things, using too much of dark colors will just kill the beauty of it altogether. If you are using dark colors on the walls, use neutral shades in the rest of the things, like a sofa , nightstand or the bedside lamp. It will create a classy combination and make the room appear regal.
  • The correct use of lights – Consider the lighting plan you have currently or are planning to have in the future. Use lights to your advantage to focus on architectural elements of the room or to spread light around the whole bedroom by just installing some ceiling fixtures or lamps.



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