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Indoor herb gardens, an attractive and trendy approach to gardening

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Many kitchen gardeners simply adore the fresh herbs within their home. And what can be a better choice than indoor herb gardens. The ideal setting of such herb gardens enables one in snipping fresh herbs and using it in dishes devoid of skipping a beat. These are indeed an attractive and trendy approach to gardening, especially for today’s compact apartments.

The beauty of indoor herb gardens

Apt for an office, small cafe, shop or an apartment windowsill, these indoor herb gardens will aid in adding a subtle sophisticated touch to any decor. Owing to its minimalistic design and simple finishes, it easily blends into almost every setting. A little greenery is always wise for brightening up the space. There are innumerable choices of stylish indoor herb gardens that one can try his/her hands on to enhance the decor.

Green indoors:

This is a perfect gift for city gardeners to help them grow their plants indoors. This high tech gardening technique has been designed by Liina-Kai Raivet and Ingela Viks and comprises of a light tube plant that along with holding the flowerpot also gives it the UV rays, which the plants require for photosynthesis. Comprising of every condition necessary for the proper growth of the plant such as soil, humidity and light, this plant base comprises of a light tube, flowerpot and a leg that helps in creating the growth area that is simple to maintain.

Mini Power Plant:

This indoor herb garden makes use of nutrients and special sponges based on the NASA -proven technology that helps in making herbs such as parsley and basil or even vegetables grow faster with minimum care. With the Mini Power Plant, one can enjoy the richness of the fresh herbs throughout the year with low maintenance as well as minimal price.

Triple Herb Pot:

This beautiful self-lit garden allows one in growing greenery indoors. The Triple Herb Pot provides room for growing three kinds of herbs, which one can water at the same time via corner watering hole. This stylish pot is both functional and aesthetic.


This hydrophonic system designed and created by Monica Willemin lets one grow plants on large amounts on empty walls with each piece comprising of a reservoir, basic water pump, planting sections and top piece. One can plant their favourite herbs in the modular Grow-ems that is both beautiful and functional.


This portable vertical garden created by Ravel Casela and Daniele Adamo is manufactured from flat plates developed from recycled packages as well as diverse types of can and plastics that simply fit in any wall measuring 3 meters long. It can be utilized for growing assorted range of vegetables and herbs and the soil requires to be changed just once a year.


No matter whether one desires in growing herbs and veggies for cooking or is on the lookout for an enhanced way to augment the look of the home, indoor herb gardens are simply amazing.


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