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Hurricanes to increase in numbers and strength due to climatic change

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A.K. Ramanujan in one of his poems, The River, wisely quotes,

He said:the river has water enough to be poetic about only once a year and then it carries away in the first half-hour three village houses, a couple of cows named Gopi and Brinda and one pregnant woman expecting identical twins with no moles on their bodies, with different colored diapers to tell them apart.

When they talk about climate, global warming, hurricanes, we usually turn our deaf ears to them, thinking ‘why to bother its not happening in our areas and everything is right at our place’. However, this is not true at all, it is just they our naked eyes haven’t started seeing any such feature yet and it will never till we have some seriously tragic situation. The war that we think is already over and won has just started and will continue unabated if we keep on being unconcerned and destroying our planet-EARTH.
Hurricanes are happening now and then, causing wide scale destructions and loss, both of humans and properties. Eventually, we discover that water that is our basic necessity for sustaining life on earth has the power to become so violent and furious and cause such devastation. It is not that hurricanes haven’t happened in the previous times, our concern is the fact that they are increasing not only in numbers but also with respect to the devastation, fury, frequency and strength. As global warming is influencing the climate change it has been estimated that the larger areas of water will exceed thus, making the hurricanes and storms more violent and destructive.

Expert comments

If we track down experts and reviews provided by scientific papers, which were published, especially in the summers of 2005. The papers have a lot of scientific comments and methods dealing with hurricanes. As per a report of Greg Holland of the National Centre for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, and Peter Webster of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta which was published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the scientists claimed that the number of Atlantic hurricanes has increased due to the increase in sea surface temperature as a result of climate changes. They also marked, that these storms were no longer in a scale to be ignored as they have reached the 4 and 5 figures.

Statistic’s speak

If we look at the year 2005, it has been reported that a record 26 already named storms hit the earth out of which, thirteen grew bigger enough to be called hurricanes. The rest did don their part but the thirteen caused a widespread hue and cry.

The debate

It feels foolish to know that instead of knowing all the pros and cons of the situations we have been busy discussing the situations and not acting on them. The intellectuals are disputing over, that it may be that the intensity of the disturbances, cyclones and hurricanes have decreased instead. As far as point of view of some are concerned, they have an idea that the before sixties, there was no instrument or application available to record the strengths and a general increase in the intensity must be an assumption rather.

The Crux

It is true that we may not be aware of the past and thus, can’t develop on the past and present but the fact is that here, we are dealing with the present and future. Super computers have shown that the world is witnessing a climate change as a result of which there would be a definitive increase in the wind speed, rainfall etc in the future hurricane. It might be true that the scientists and researchers haven’t stuck with the same conclusion but we all know that the climate changes haven’t done any good to us. Where we sought nature as a panacea, it’s ironical that we, the mankind are struggling against the same nature. Half of the damage has already been done and if we continue with the same pace, the days are not far off that the very word-LIFE-would be wiped off from the face of this earth.

Source: Independent

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