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How to design the outdoor patio for the perfect dining experience

design the outdoor patio for the perfect dining experience

<![CDATA[When it comes to dining outside the house, the patio and the backyard are perhaps the best places to look for. Sitting there and enjoying a sumptuous meal, compensates for not getting a reservation in a high profile restaurant. Outside dining calls for enjoying the food and the nature together. Be it summer, winter, or fall, a night out with friends, family or a romantic someone, in the comforts of the house, is simply too beautiful an experience to ignore. When considering the set up for outdoor dining there are three things that needs almost all the attention.

 The Table and the Chairs

It is a personal choice whether to put up a formal set up, or a more relaxed, conversational set up. Depending on the taste of the buyer, it is good to invest in good quality furniture. If the color of the furniture is toned down to gray, or brown or beige, make up for it using colorful flowers as the centerpiece.

Use seasonal flowers, candles and lights to prep up the décor of the dining area. It is best to invest in durable furniture as most of the time they will be out in the open. Use polished benches for a big crowd, or bamboo couches for a small gathering. Make sure that the atmosphere and the seating arrangement makes the guest at peace.

 The Glassware and the Dinnerware

It is always a good idea to procure a separate set for those special moments outside the house. Be it a packed up picnic in the park, or even in the backyard, make sure the plates and the cutlery is light weight.

Acrylic, melamine, and hard plastic are a better choice than fine china. They are durable, and resistant to breakage. Make a note of how often and how many guests are expected. It is best to keep an entire dinner set handy. It is not classy to bring out serving bowls and dessert bowls from different sets.

The Place Setting

Cloth and woven place mats are good for very obvious reasons. They look chic, and they do not leave the host’s side by flying away with the slightest wind.

A minimalist approach is always good for an outdoor setup, as it is low on maintenance, and easy on the pocket. After all, it is definitely an extra dealing to create an outdoor dining arrangement.


There are places for wining and dining, and there are the most perfect setups for each. It is neither wise nor classy to use things that are out of place.]]>

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