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Useful tips on managing parenting burnout

No one is born a perfect parent. It would take time, effort and plenty of dedication to become one. As such, it is normal for parents to suffer sometimes from burnouts, owing to stress and fatigue. Most parents tend to dismiss it and end up affected by it considerably. It is therefore, considered essential for parents to combat this issue immediately.


Recognize the Burnout Signs

The more important signs of parenting burnout include irritability, hypersensitivity, impatience, resentment, anger, guilt, frustrations, inadequacy and loss of control. Parents suffering from burnout would also tend to detached from their children and stay away from them. They may also show decreased interest in the things that they otherwise enjoy.


Evaluate Expectations

Sometimes you might be setting expectations for yourself that you find hard to reach. Consistent parenting is always better than super parenting. So do not aim to be perfect, rather aim to be consistent.


Put your needs first

Sure, your kids mean everything to you. However, that does not mean your health needs to take a backseat. Remember, you can take care of your kids only if you take care of yourself first by eating and resting properly. Your health status would automatically translate to your kids’ status. If you are ok, they are ok as well. If you are not ok, they are not.

Hire a babysitter to take care of the kids while you get some much needed ‘me’ time with your friends at least once in a month in order to get rid of the burnout signs.

Slow Down

Do not go about your daily chores as if this was the last day on earth. Not everything needs to be done urgently or on the same day itself. If you are feeling stressed out, simply drop everything and take some rest. Place everything else in the backburner as you de-stress and get back your bearings before heading back to work.

Stop Comparing

Every parent is special in his/her own way. So while you cannot become like your neighbor, remember that he/she cannot become you as well. Stop comparing your parenting abilities with others and stick to your own style rather than following others.

Get Help

If parenting burnout is becoming too hard for you to handle alone, consider calling in some reinforcements. Get in touch with friends, family members and even a support network to help you recover from the condition. Talking to others would help you de-stress, thereby brining down the feelings of burnout largely.


Parenting burnout is a common issue with many parents. However, you would need to treat it quickly. So consider these points to combat the condition and become a better parent.


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