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Home Automation

The Internet of Things has made making homes smart and secure easy and efficient like never before. You can count on a many of them that suit your desire, expectation, requirement and budget in the best ways possible. Here we […]

iSmart Alarm

We have brought for you all one solid reason that is going to convince you not to throw your last generation Smartphone in the trash. And you know what, this one particular change will not just be helpful for you

Home Security DIY

Motion detectors are doing a great job in home automation systems by making life tough for burglars. Motion detectors come handy when somehow or the other burglars manage to break in your gate but from there it does not let

Fibaro is a motion sensor

Smart power outlets make your home connected and allows you a seamless usage of appliances and electronics. Well, there is one feature smart power outlets serve that is even more important, i.e. saving of electricity. Here are some modern day

Valta Starter Kit

In order to provide your home absolute security, you ought to do intensive planning first. There is no dearth of home security systems available on the market but this does not mean that all of them will suit your requirements

goods of home automation

The indoor air quality in a home plays an integral role to keep the inhabitants healthy or sick. The state-of-the-art technology and the innovative minds have brought for use all smart gadgets that monitor the indoor air quality in a

Foobot fights indoor air pollution

Some people love to live in their ancestral homes and they try to preserve its glorious history and atmosphere. They do renovate it sometimes but they fear losing its real historical significance so they end up leaving big renovations and

comforts of home automation

As home automation industry has taken the world by storm in the recent years, probably everybody has a vague idea as to what home automation is all about. A network that connects smart devices at your home, turns your dumb

true home automation system

To derive maximum from your home automation experience, you must know its basics first. You should know what the best way to get started is and how to go about from starting till end, so that you do not end

Home Automation Basics

You must have seen use of wearable technology and gadgets in sci-fi films wherein character wear a wearable multi-purpose gadget. Now it is time to get out of the movies into the real world and see wearable technology entering into

Nymi is a bracelet
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