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Living in historic homes with the comforts of home automation

comforts of home automation

Some people love to live in their ancestral homes and they try to preserve its glorious history and atmosphere. They do renovate it sometimes but they fear losing its real historical significance so they end up leaving big renovations and choose to live without ultra modern facilities that require major renovations and installations.

Automating old structure is not a problem

This is why many people who own historic or Victorian homes refrain from home automation systems because they believe that automating homes require many new installations that they just cannot afford to have in historical architectures. Well, this is just a myth because you can easily automate your historical home without bringing any major changes to its structure.

There was a time when home automation could only be done in new constructions, or in old ones with a great deal of dismantling. However, today the times have changed and owing to technological advancements and innovations, automating a home has become easier and a hassle free procedure. You can choose from a variety of options available and pick the technology you thing suits you and your home the best. A home automation system that can be easily installed to an old structure without interfering much with its historical aura.

For instance, you know your Victorian house would not be able to withstand lot of hammering to make wire passages all over, which are required for home automation systems, so you drop the idea of automating your home. Well, this means you are ignorant of the many types of home automation systems available today, as in, you can go for the wireless systems that require no breakage no dismantling.

Breathing new life to an old home with home automation

Constructing a new house and adding home automation systems to it is feasible and adding such systems to old constructions is bit tough but not impossible. Remodeling is a procedure that has made its way into our lives and now automating our old homes in no problem at all. People today do not prefer dismantling their home; rather they prefer updating it to the present day standards.

Remodeling floors, landscape, patio, roof, and many other changes in the interior décor if done from the home automation’s point of view can do a lot to increase an old home’s eco-friendly quotient. Getting away with the electrical appliances that are energy hogs and installing energy efficient appliances is one of the most impressive factors of home automation or remodeling. Install LED or CFL lights that are energy efficient, and allow you to increase their efficiency by dimming them. Use bright light whenever you require, and do not forget to dim it when you can do without bright light.

Wireless technology makes installations easy

Then comes the wireless technology that is being used in so many home automation systems that is making these systems even more popular. The use of all wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, and other wireless technologies makes all home automation systems more flexible and better performing than the traditional systems that were hard wired. The wireless technology in home automation helps connect all gadgets and appliances in a better way without letting the wires become eyesores in a home.

Security Systems for Older Homes

Home security systems you find today are any day better than the traditional security systems. They are not only better in terms of the safety they provide but in terms of the easy and neat installations as well. You can install a number of sensors, motion detectors, cameras, and locks, and you can easily connect them, as they are all wireless.

Automating Victorian or historical homes is not at all a problem in today’s time. Technologies are so smart that the home automation systems easily adapt to the old architectural settings and turn an old dumb home into a smart home.

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